Increase grows in Gender-Inclusive Housing on Marist College campus

Installation of the facade panels requires approximately two months per building. Brooke Begley ’25 and Elliot Murphy ’25, who live in a gender-inclusive townhouse in Lower West this semester, are happy that Marist offers this option. Their house, which consists of six females and two males, would not have been possible in years past. Appeal for gender-inclusive housing began pre-pandemic but stalled when the pandemic brought many projects to a screeching halt.

Marist’s independence was emphasized in 2003, when Marist invited New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to deliver the commencement address for the graduating class, incurring protests due to Spitzer’s public support of abortion rights. In 1997 the college purchased a private residence, St. Ann’s, which part of the area now known as Fern Tor, located winthrop dorms on the college’s northern boundary. It is named after the original St. Ann’s Hermitage which burned to the ground in 1958. Construction continued in 1994 with a $27 million Student Center, bookstore, dining facilities, art gallery, and a new adjoining dormitory In 1996, Talmadge Court was purchased by the college as an official student residence.

The Poughkeepsie Steel Plant is now the home of the fine arts program and includes a 3,200-square-foot art gallery. The Art Gallery retains the industrial look of the former steel plant with concrete floors and exposed 15-foot ceilings. One of the first construction projects was the Foy Townhouses, named after Linus Richard Foy, completed in 1982. Marian Hall was built in 1983 within and around the college’s first gymnasium.

PLM has two community spaces, a comfortable Common Room and a sunny terrace, and both are home to a vibrant residence life program. We have a number of Resident Assistants who also live in PLM, and who plan a host of exciting events and activities for students. From movie and game nights to pamper parties, Halloween celebrations and art competitions, PLM is an important part of community life.

It incorporates the first building to be constructed through the manual labor of the Brothers . Because it is located adjacent to the spot where the Marian building (the college’s principal classroom building) once stood, it carries on the name of that building as well as the original of the four-year college. It was named for Monsignor J. F. Sheahan (pastor of St. Peter’s Church, Poughkeepsie) without whom the Marist Brothers might not have been able to purchase the Bech Estate that now comprises the entire south campus area. It was quickly followed by Leo Hall in 1963 and Champagnat Hall in 1965. They were named for Brother Leo Brouiletter (Provincial of the Marist Brothers, 1921–1930) and Saint Marcellin Champagnat respectively. Donnelly Hall , a dormitory at the time, was built in 1962 by the brothers themselves.

The students with the highest points are allowed to choose housing first, thus filling the nicer housing first. The students with the lower points choose last and are not always guaranteed housing. If students are entering as a group, the students’ points are averaged together. According to Marist, this system promotes student activity in clubs and sports and offers an incentive to keep a high GPA.

A host of theatre courses are offered each year, including Acting, Directing and Playwriting. The incoming 2023 freshman class had 49% of the 11,260 applicants accepted. The middle 50% of 2019 admitted students scored between 1210 and 1360 on the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. The middle 50% of accepted students scored between 26 and 31 on the ACT.

Prefabricated wood trusses support a 30-year asphalt shingle roof, speeding installation and reducing the cost of heavy framing members. Precast plank is used for floor slab construction, with precast stairs for primary vertical circulation. “I’m very glad that Marist has this because some people, it just doesn’t make sense for them to be in a gendered house,” Murphy said. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date you selected. Maximize your closet space with a few inexpensive products such as tiered hangers, stacking boxes or shelves to get extra levels out of the closet floor and shelf.

As of December 2022, the average apartment rent in Poughkeepsie, NY is $1,200 for a studio, $1,475 for one bedroom, $1,917 for two bedrooms, and $2,647 for three bedrooms. Apartment rent in Poughkeepsie has increased by 2.8% in the past year. HRVI oversees the publication of the Hudson River Valley Review, a journal of regional studies. One of the first strategic partnerships was formed with IBM, a major employer in the Mid-Hudson Valley. In 1984, Marist received $2.5 million in equipment and almost $2 million in software from IBM to expand academic and administrative uses of computers on campus.

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