JMU Move-In Brings Thousands To Campus, City Harrisonburg

Some suites even include a common lounge in between adjoining rooms. These suites usually share a bathroom in some way. In some cases, there are even rooms that have their own private bath. The best part about living in the dorms was my roommate. I had read all of these terrible stories about bad roommates and was prepared for the worst possible situation, but I had lucked out! My roommate and I got along very well and we actually became pretty good friends!

While dating is linked to marriage, this does so wrongly. Marriage is not a lifestyle that everyone is called to and it should not be lorded over youths as it is when having these discussions. It’s important to have some key information about JMU even before you arrive on campus to begin your freshman year. Firstly, make sure you have some good rain boots because if you don’t you will be splashing through literal pools when it rains.

The Bluestone area features eight residence halls that are set up in a traditional hall style. Those students have been instructed to finish out their prescribed time in either isolation or quarantine here in Harrisonburg before returning home. By sending home our healthy students we are reducing the population present in our campus residence halls, where the virus could otherwise spread rapidly,” the spokesperson said. Located of the West side of Newman Lake, the Tree Houses include Maple, Oak, and Willow, along with Greek Row. While they are hall style, they are said to be very cozy since there are only seven rooms per floor. If you are in a frat or a sorority but don’t want to live in the official house, you can live in one of these dorms and be right beside the houses.

Dorms aren’t as nice but better facilities and A/C than the village. Obnoxiously loud trains will sometimes pass late at night. Chesapeake Hall wins out of the three Skyline dorms. It is in the middle, which lends it to have amazing views. You can also walk out of the back door and be at the front door of E-Hall and Jemmy’s Corner Market. For me, there was a clear winner for this one, and it is Hillside Hall.

You are going to be spending the whole week with a group of people who are just as afraid and in need of friends as you are. I promise you are not alone, everyone is embarrassed during Ride That Pony, and in a few weeks you and your new friends will look back and laugh about how awkward it was. You are also stuck, for better or worse, with two awesome leaders who worked really hard to be there with you. Even if you don’t think you’ll have fun go to FROG week events, some of them might be cheesy but you will meet a ton of people and have a lot of fun. In 1966, by action of the Virginia General Assembly, the university became a coeducational institution.

Several participants were airlifted to a medical center in Charlottesville to treat their injuries. The university condemned the block party attendees’ behavior. College Factual provides higher-education, college and university, degree, program, career, salary, and other helpful information to students, faculty, institutions, and other internet audiences.

Ranked number one in the nation right now for the Accounting Program, JMU pushes its students just as hard as any private institute. However, unlike a private university or an IVY league, our professors are always there to assist and give us the answers to any questions. There theory is to educate, not fail a student. I think the reason I love JMU so much is because it is really conducive to helping students find their place in life.

It will also be a super important and fun week so don’t blow it (don’t worry you won’t), but in all seriousness TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FROG WEEK. The residence halls include Bluestone, Hillside, Skyline, Lake and Village areas. The Village area is located in the center of the campus and features nine residence halls, which are inhabited strictly by freshmen. Eagle but as far as amenities go, you will be on the bottom of the food chain. I lived there my freshman year and had a blast.

Don’t ever expect there to be toilet paper at a party, and always expect lines for drinks and the bathroom. There is ample transportation available for party goers on macaulay interview questions weekends so take advantage, and avoid getting in trouble. If you don’t want to go out on a weekend, don’t sweat it there will be tons of opportunities for you do so.

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