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The key appointment was his daughter Ivanka Trump as a major advisor in numerous areas. At every turn he rejected feminist issues, especially regarding abortion rights. The Trump coalition strongly opposed abortion, and made it part of foreign policy by reinstating the “global gag rule.” It ended funding for overseas NGOs that promoted abortion as a form of family planning, or provided information, referrals or counselling to enable an abortion. One of the most important advances for women’s rights in this decade was not begun by a feminist.

The women set up neighborhood social organizations, often revolving around church membership, or quilting parties. They exchanged information and tips on child-rearing, and helped each other in childbirth. In the 1630s, Anne Hutchinson (1591–1643) began to hold religious meetings in her home, which attracted the attendance not only of women but of prominent men, including affluent young civil officials. Hutchinson’s charisma indeed was so great that it became a threat to the ability of the clergy to govern; this was especially clear when some of her male supporters refused to join the militia in pursuit of Pequot natives.

The rate of rise depends on patients demands, rapid in vigorously demanding and slower in less vigorously breathing patients. This can be easily done using circuit pressure graph and adjusting the slope to create a “smooth square wave” appearance to the circuit pressure profile. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be quite enough of the fabric for a whole dress of the sort I wanted to make, but I figured there would be enough fabric for a full gathered skirt if I could find a coordinating fabric for the bodice. The coordinating fabric turned out to be a watermelon print quilting cotton off the clearance rack at Joann’s a couple months later. For more information on the journal statistics, click here.Multiple requests from the same IP address are counted as one view.

Margaret Sanger was an influential campaigner for birth control rights in the 1910s. Sanger and her sister Ethel Byrne, also a nurse, opened the first birth control clinic in the United States in 1916, modeled after those Sanger had seen in the Netherlands. The police quickly closed it down but the publicity surrounding Sanger’s activities had made birth control a matter of public debate. In 1936, Margaret Sanger helped bring the case United States v. One Package to the U.S. The decision in that case allowed physicians in New York, Connecticut, and Vermont to legally mail birth control devices and information to married people. For unmarried people, the dissemination of birth control did not become legal until the 1972 Supreme Court decision Eisenstadt v. Baird.

Unfortunately, this is not practical, because scenes at the warm end (e.g., 250 K which is typical of land and ice at L-band) are generally not known with sufficient accuracy over a large enough area to be compatible with the Aquarius footprint (3-dB radius on the order of 100 km ). This is illustrated in Figure 10, which shows a plot of the measured Aquarius antenna temperature, TA_meas, against the expected value computed given the appropriate surface truth . The data are for the horizontal polarization and the middle beam, and the dashed line is the Aquarius calibration curve. It is clear that the calibrated operating curve for the radiometer is well fitted to the ocean data, but that the radiometer is too cold at the cold end and is too warm at the warm end . The data at the warm end at 250 K are from measurements over the United States Department of Agriculture Little River research watershed. The Commission’s Report, called “The American Woman” and issued in 1963, noted discrimination against women in the areas of education, home and community services, employment, social insurance and taxation, and legal, civil and political rights.

The Aquarius instrument is an L-band active/passive (radar/radiometer) combination designed to map surface salinity over the ocean . It was part of the Aquarius/SAC-D observatory, which was a partnership between the United States National Aeronautics and Space Agency and the Argentine space agency, Comisiόn Nacional de Actividades Espaciales . Aquarius consisted of three radiometers arranged to image in pushbroom fashion looking toward the left with the spacecraft oriented as shown and flying perpendicular to the page (e.g., see Figure 3 in Le Vine et al. ). A NASA team from the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory built Aquarius. CONAE provided the spacecraft bus, SAC-D, and CONAE and its partners provided several other instruments that are indicated on the Earth-viewing side of the bus. Two important cases concerning women’s rights were litigated in the late 1990s.

The affected girls accused other townspeople of torturing them with witchcraft, and some on trial also named others as witches. By the end of the trials in 1693, 24 people had died, some in jail but 19 by hanging, and one by being pressed to death. Some of the accused confessed to being witches, but none of those were hanged, only those who maintained their innocence; those who were hanged include 13 women and 6 men. Historians point out that reading and writing were different skills in the colonial era. School taught both, but in places without schools reading was mainly taught to boys and also a few privileged girls.

The Women’s Airforce Service Pilots was a civilian agency that had uniforms but no military status. WASPs flew stateside missions as ferriers, test pilots, and anti-aircraft artillery trainers. Some 25,000 women applied to join the WASP, but only 1,830 were accepted and took the oath, and out of those only 1,074 women passed the training and joined.

At its first conference in October 1966, Friedan was elected NOW’s first president, and her fame as the author of the bestselling book The Feminine Mystique helped attract thousands of women to the organization. Over 1,000 WACs ran the statistical control tabulating machines (the precursors of modern-day computers) used to keep track of personnel records. By January 1945 only 50% of AAF WACs held traditional 4weeks2shred assignments such as file clerk, typist, and stenographer. A few Air Force WACs were assigned flying duties; two WAC radio operators assigned to Mitchel Field, New York, flew as crew members on B-17 training flights. Three WACs were awarded Air Medals, including one in India for her work in mapping “the Hump,” the mountainous air route overflown by pilots ferrying lend-lease supplies to the Chinese Army.

Thankfully, it’s not too dramatic of a difference, so it’s hardly noticeable on the finished dress. After all, with a watermelon dress, the eye is drawn to the overall awesomeness than it is to how exactly the print lines up with the hemline. Figure 3.Aquarius SSS retrieval RMS error estimated with a triple point analysis using Aquarius, Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model , and Argo data. The dashed line represents the Aquarius mission requirement for monthly maps at 150-km spatial resolution. The version of HYCOM used by the Aquarius project is the HYCOM + NCODA Global 1/12° Analysis (GLBA0.08).

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