Kendall Jenner sets the record straight about Black Lives Matter protest photo

However, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that the placard in her hands didn’t appear in the reflection behind her, leading to accusations that she’d photoshopped the image before posting it. Kendall Jenner came under fire after a photo of the model holding a Black Lives Matter sign circulated online. Fans and critics pointed out how obviously Photoshopped the image was, given that her shadow in the pic didn’t quite make sense. It turns out it’s an edited pic, but Kendall Jenner wasn’t the one who made it. It is not new news if one of them photoshop their photo in one circumstance, recently supermodel Kendall Jenner has been accused of posting a photoshopped image of herself to make it appear as though she was raising a Black Live Matter Poster. Kendall Jennerhas flat out denied she posted an obviously photoshopped image of herself holding up a poster with the words “Black Lives Matter” on it.

Kendall Jenner has spoken out about a fake image of her holding a Black Lives Matter sign that went viral over the weekend for all of the wrong reasons. As of June 8, she had not posted any selfies or other photos since the black square. She posted stories salisbury financial aid on her Instagram supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The photograph of Jenner is old, and she did not post it with the poster photoshopped in. In a family notorious for fakery, this is one time that the photoshop claims against them are false.

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Edwards insinuated that Jenner was responsible for the problematic editing fail. Kendall Jenner has said that a photograph circulating on social media of her holding a “Black Lives Matter“ placard is fake. Jenner last week shared a message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the police-brutality protests sparked by George Floyd’s killing on May 25. Kendall Jenner denied involvement in what she called a “photoshopped” version of an old picture of her that stirred controversy online.

Spotting edited photos posted by the Kardashian/Jenner family — and celebrities in general — has become an internet pastime. At first, the implication in this case appeared to be that Jenner manipulated and posted the photo, but Edwards told Insider that he knew it was a fan edit. “Taking someone else’s image and then editing it to make it look like they support a cause is pretty deceptive and takes away from anything that person may have said/done in the past,” Edwards told Insider in a direct message on Twitter. Kendall Jenner said in a tweet on Saturday that a picture appearing to show her holding a Black Lives Matter poster — without a congruous shadow behind her — was “photoshopped by someone.” “Are Kendall Jenner’s fans so desperate to make her look good that they would photoshop her holding a blm sign and wearing a mask?

Jenner, a high-profile member of the celebrity Kardashian family, is shown in the advert stepping away from a modelling shoot to join a crowd of young, diverse protesters. However, many others pointed to a controversial advert the model fronted for Pepsi in 2017 that was ultimately pulled for “missing the mark”. Insider could not independently verify the original source of the doctored image, but the unedited version of the picture was taken in November. The image was shared widely on Twitter after Andru Edwards, a YouTube tech personality, shared what appeared to be a screenshot from a Facebook post. What’s more, as @z3dster notes, the Facebook account the doctored image was posted to has no link to Kendall. “You want to steal as much as you can from black culture but can’t even be bothered to actively attend a protest properly,” said another commenter.

The photo, which appears to have originated on Facebook and first hit Twitter via tech influencer Andru Edwards, is so incompetently Photoshopped that it was instantly identified as fake. The photo created a firestorm on Twitter, both for its terrible optics and almost-as-bad Photoshopping. But Jenner has strongly condemned the photo and clarified that she had no part in making or posting it. As the Entertainment Editor, she investigated Hollywood stories and conducted interviews with A-list celebrities and reality stars. Jenner did post a link on her Twitter page asking followers to sign a petition for Justice For George Floyd. While Kanye West has been seen at a protest march in Chicago, the Kardashian/Jenner girls have not been photographed at any marches for George Floyd.

But unlike the Pepsi ad, Jenner can plausibly deny involvement with the photo. However, Jenner responded to the backlash and clarified that the image had not come from her. Taking to Twitter on Saturday, she said, “This is photoshopped by someone. I DID NOT post this.” The American model, Internet personality and Kardashian sister has been the subject of two internet scandals this week as the Black Lives Matter campaigns continue on social media. Jenner said a photo of her wearing a face mask and holding a sign was altered.

Raging on platforms can not be all that we can do in order to repair the system, we need to take real action, off of social media. Jenner faced a related controversy over her appearance in a 2017 Pepsi commercial, in which the model left a photo shoot to join a cute boy at a protest before handing a soda to a police officer. Pepsi pulled the ad after a massive backlash on social media and criticism that the ad trivialized the fight for an end to police brutality in the US.

An image from a Pepsi ad posted on YouTube, starring Kendall Jenner and featuring the song “Lions” by Skip Marley. Kendall went on to acknowledge her white privilege, before urging her followers to “take real action” away from social media and reminding them to vote. In fact, it appears that the photo was actually taken in November 2019, and shows Kendall at a race track where she spent her 24th birthday with friends and family. Before people could get too carried away with believing she edited the photo to appear she was at a protest, she responded to the accusation on Twitter. Kendall Jenner edited a photo to look like she was holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign. While most comments will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive, moderation decisions are subjective.

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