Kisspeptin-10: Sex Peptide Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects

In the cardiovascular smooth muscles of humans, kisspeptin can induce inotropic actions on cardiac function . The Kiss1/GPR54 system in skeletal muscles has tadalafil dosage bodybuilding not been thoroughly studied. The mRNA expression levels of Kiss1 and GPR54 are lower in mouse skeletal muscles than those in adipose tissues and the liver.

Kiss1 mRNA was detected in rat and KISS1 mRNA in human adipose tissue and was shown to regulate the metabolic status. While fasting of rats increased adipose Kiss1 mRNA expression in both sexes, a decrease was reported in Kiss1 mRNA expression in adipose tissue of HFD and obese Zucker rats. In women, a positive correlation between body mass index and KISS1 mRNA levels was found in the omental adipose tissue, but not in subcutaneous fat . Kiss1 mRNA expression in adipose tissue is sensitive to sex steroids; while GDX in both sexes had no effect on Kiss1 mRNA, supplementation of castrated animals with testosterone and estradiol increased Kiss1 mRNA in rats .

These findings help to further our understanding of mood, motivation, and drive not just as they relate to sex, but as they relate to human behavior in general. All organisms need food to meet their functional requirements for immediate metabolic needs and conserve energy excess in the form of fat for times of food scarcity . Another crucial and energy demanding process, i.e., reproduction, is needed for the perpetuation of species . Kp, encoded by KISS1 in the human and non-human primates and Kiss1 in non-humans, its receptor KISS1R and Kiss1r or GPR54, respectively, are involved in the regulation of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis .

I do not charge anyone, anything when helping them, answering a question or even when analyzing someone’s treatment program. I am a certified health coach, with certified not meaning one of those simple, online courses. I have extensive experience with peptides, but can not find anything concrete when it comes to dosage for this peptide. In temperate regions, the natural reproduction of goats and sheep is conditioned by the seasons, with births occurring in spring. Therefore, to achieve milk production throughout the year to meet consumer demand, it is necessary to apply hormonal treatments to obtain deliveries in the fall.

Kisspeptin can also be used in females for weight loss, balancing hormones and energy expenditure. It is recommended be on a fasting mimicking diet with 1200 calories or less per day low/no carb diet during therapy for 40 days. Kisspeptin neurons have long been known to be sensitive to the energy status of an individual. Both under-nutrition and severe over-nutrition can blunt the action of kisspeptin neurons in stimulating GnRH release. In fact, drastic changes in energy balance can lead to infertility in both men and women, a process that appears to be mediated by kisspeptin. This phenomenon is caused by a reduction in the pulse frequency of LH, which is itself caused by the inhibited production of GnRH that often occurs in therapy.

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