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The name was later shortened to “Zips.” In 1953 Zippy hopped on the Akron sports bandwagon after students picked the plucky kangaroo as the school’s official mascot. Burnie may well be sport’s most unlucky mascot. Unfortunately, she was married to the local Supreme Court judge and sued him for the resulting bruises and emotional distress. Poor Burnie, mascots are supposed to bring their teams luck, not land themselves with lawsuits.

Phang the Philadelphia Snake gets introduced to the world.The Philadelphia Snake, named Phang, is the new mascot of the Philadelphia Union, a Major League Soccer team, the. It won a 2007 mascot contest with fans voting on Coyotes, Fire, Lightning and Mad Ants. The Mad Ant at a Fort Wayne Mad Ants event in 2009.The Fort Wayne Mad Ants, an NBA G League team, has a mascot of a muscular red ant with a menacing smile and long antenna.

Looking at him, he looks like a broom or possibly a fuzzy pencil, but he is actually a bundle of wheat. Okra isn’t the most well known or eaten vegetable in the world. But, despite its relatively unknown stature, this school chose this vegetable as its mascot. Here is another example of a school using food as a mascot.

Once the Tampa Bay Devil Rays decided to ditch that name, the club should have started from scratch. Instead,it merely shortened the nickname to Rays, which left fans with Raymond Ray, a dog-like creature that sounds similar to a World Wrestling Federation jobber from the 1980s. We understand the idea behind Steely McBeam, the mascot of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is supposed to represent the blue-collar workers of the region. We’re guessing Pittsburgh fans couldn’t produce a look for a “Yinzer,” so we got McBeam instead.

But according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the school’s teams have been called the Leopards since at least 1941, about 40 years before Def Leppard’s debut album. The Marines’ mascot is Nazo no Sakana, which translates roughly to “Mystery Fish.” It’s a bulbous fish that pukes out the skeletal remains of another fish during its halftime routine. Wenlock and Mandeville were the respective official mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London. And that’s about the only description we can give for these indescribable monocular creatures.

However, CU tried to turn its eye on Chip after the mascot appeared at a Denver Nuggets mascot game with a teardrop tattoo, a sign in gang culture indicating that he had murdered someone. Chip’s tattoo sparked outcry, and was another notch on the belt of CU’s controversial athletic history. Sure, the Banana Slugs are arguably one of the most bizarre team names in NCAA history. morgan state university reviews But there are a lot of noble ideals hiding behind the Banana Slugs’ oily trail. The slugs are meant to be a commentary on the overemphasis of athletics in college, and UCSC is a school that promotes the value of participating in sports over winning. Samuel L. Jackson infamously wore a banana slugs T-shirt in “Pulp Fiction,” making the quirky mascot even more popular.

Until 1948, the university used a simple shock of wheat as its symbol. In 1948, junior Wilbur Elsea won the Kappa Pi honorary society’s competition to design a mascot representing the school’s spirit. There’s actually a pretty interesting story behind this veggie mascot. In the 1970s, it was revealed that Scottsdale CC was improperly using scholarship funds intended for Native American students to bribe athletes to attend their school.

A strange blue blob, as the name implied, no-one knew what it was and more importantly, nobody cared. A variety of professional and collegiate sports mascots are iconic figures, some of which are famous on their own. The San Diego Chicken, or The Famous Chicken, may be the world’s most well-known mascot even though he has no single team affiliation. ESPN and other outlets have used Mr. Met in television commercials. The Penn State student section chants for the Nittany Lion at every home game. You may have noticed that NBA teams are disproportionately represented on the list of weird sports mascots.

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