Mexican Beer Showdown: The Best Mexican Beers To Drink Now

The history of Mexican beers is never complete without Mexican-made Tecate. It is the first Mexican beer to be canned and has become one of her best beer exports. Tecate’s rich history is not the only admirable thing about the beer, as its brilliant flavor and crisp malt taste are among the best in the industry.

The Cuauhtémoc brewery produced its first beer barrel in 1893 and won first prize in the Chicago and Paris world fairs. The Cervecería Moctezuma was founded near Orizaba during the late Porfiriato by German brewer Wilhelm Hasse. Place order by to get it by your selected delivery time. We rely on product packaging and data from third-party sources to provide the content to you, including dietary and allergen content.

Modelo Light—Almost as bad as Tecate Light, but not quite, with 3.7% alcohol. Tecate—Sold mostly in cans, this is a “load up the cooler” kind of pay off minto money beer that is nothing to get excited about. If you are staying at a low-end all-inclusive resort, this is what they will probably be serving.

This lager’s brilliant flavor is a delicious combination of hops and malts. Its known in Mexico due to its association with sports teams and events. This 60-year-old lager of Mexico comes in two bottles— Tecate Light and Tecate Original.

Thankfully, the Mexican producers haven’t taken the easy way out and just produced a line of bland, indistinguishable beers. Even the average brands are better than the mass-market yellow fizzy water you get in the U.S. from the big boys, while the good ones are really great. Tecate has always fit the bill to be classified as an American lager. The official birth of Tecate was in 1944 in the city of Tecate, Mexico. Before then, beer was not very popular in Mexico, but Tecate helped kick-start national and industrial interest in Mexican-brewed beers. Tecate has an SRM of 4, giving it a golden color.

It used to be nearly impossible to find microbrews in Mexico outside of Mexico City and Guadalajara, but now the laws have been relaxed and there’s a flood of choices. You’ll pay twice as much or more for these beers, starting at the equivalent of $2 per bottle in a store and $3 and up in a bar or restaurant. The quality is surprisingly good this early in the game though, and if you sample a flight of them in your favorite styles, you’ll find very few duds. Negra Modelo was first brewed by Austrian expatriates in Mexico. It is stronger than other Mexican beers due to its 5.4% alcoholic content. This best selling dark beer in Mexico is not heavy and has the right combination of Galena hops, caramel, and black malts.

This review covers essential details about the beer’s properties, history, and expansion. The adage “yeast gives life to beer” may have caught your ear; this is accurate. It not only gives beer life but also enhances its flavor. The brew produces their special yeast, giving the beer a unique flavor and taste. Talco beer goes well with salty dishes since the crisp, clean beer keeps you energized.

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It is very pale in color and has a citrusy and herbal hint to it. This Pilsner style beer is rich with flavor and has a crisp and balanced taste. The refreshing Modelo Especial has a touch of light hop and has an orange blossom honey aroma.

The Tecate Alta beers common in Mexico are often presented in long-neck bottles. The reasoning is that these bottles are considered superior for flavor preservation to aluminum cans. This Tecate Light Mexican lager beer is made from several ingredients to ensure you enjoy a refreshing and crisp beer.

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