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It doesn’t protect your thumb at all considering it goes in between your hand and the bat. The EvoShield thumb guard for catchers fits comfortably inside your glove to help brace and protect your thumb from impact. It uses air-activation technology to custom-mold to your thumb and provide a soft and flexible shield. 5 is a side view of the batting pad shown in FIG.

It helps keep the thumb free from injury while batting or hitting balls, as it increases bat speed and power. MLB pros commonly use this gadget in order to stay safe on the field – thumbs are often vulnerable when swinging a bat. A comparison of the present invention to the batting pad disclosed in U.S. No. 4,461,043 illustrates a number of differences between the batting pads. 3 and 4 show the present invention in solid lines with a batting pad such as that of U.S.

This device is designed for both right and left handed players and works with or without batting gloves. The ring portion 112 of the body 110 comprises an opening 114 that is adapted to fit over the batter’s thumb 30. This opening 114 can be of varying inside diameter.

The selection of a proper thickness T and length N of the appendage causes the batter to grip the bat with the index and middle fingers 34, 37 and increases the angle of the bat in the batter’s hand. The invention, therefore, improves a batter’s technique in properly gripping a bat. The correct gripping technique may translate into improved bat control, leverage, speed, and power, thus aiding a batter in more consistently and powerfully hitting a ball. 7 and 8 demonstrate some of the advantages of the invention over the batting pad of U.S. No. 4,461,043 when the bat 40 is in the gripped position.

Watching Marco Scutaro and Vernon Wells, you see a more compact swing. They are letting the ball travel further and then trying to quickly catch it as it comes near. how to use swingrail A PROHITTER claims to benefit this type of style. Watching the Toronto Blue Jays play the New York Yankees today, I spotted some players sporting the PROHITTER.

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