Money and Personal Finance Blogging: Try These Blogs for Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Dollar Stretcher is a collective of publications promoting “living better for less,” providing readers with ways to save money and time. You need to query your post idea before submission, and it should be up to 800 words. There are hundreds of articles already on the blog, so pitching an idea is crucial before you start to draft your post. Dollar Stretcher will not accept articles that repeat already published content, so wait until your pitch is checked.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Once you have a good knowledge of your subject and you have some ideas about where you might want to get published, hit me up for a chat. I will show you how to write up your article. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to write interesting articles or create popular videos and make money online while doing it, get in touch with them at for more details. There is a bonus that runs in the design section also from time to time. It includes $500 for designing a winning T-Shirt, and a thread where you post infographics and they’ll pay you $100 if it’s featured on the site.

We want to hear from you if you have a subject of knowledge that you’d like to share with our readers. They’re a terrific way to help people get their businesses off the ground and improve their financial conditions by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Write for us about finance to expand your reach, promote your business, link-building, and much more. Some topics you may cover include monetizing your blog, earning money from writing, or any other topics related to earning money. They’re also on the hunt for an SEO expert to write an in-depth post about keyword research using either Ahrefs or SemRush.

The content must be original, and you will receive $75 to $100 via PayPal. If you’re already a freelance writer, then giving away freebies and working for content mills won’t hold much appeal. Don’t worry; you don’t have to start back over from scratch in order to break into financial writing. To be clear, an individual who does not have experience in the securities industry or journalism can still become a financial writer. However, getting hired, producing content, and developing a loyal following is generally much harder for those without this experience.

I love to join you as a writer in this platform thanks.

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