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Earlier this week, Afghanistan’s football officials wanted to take refuge in India. Even if Afghanistan’s cricket officials have said Taliban’s coming will not impact cricket, the journalists are not sure. Women’s sports, they say will surely see dark days again. No matter how accommodating they want to be, Taliban hardliners have already started cracking the whip on liberal-minded Afghans. Whether you’re a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life.

Portrait of a beard man looking straight in the camera. He is standing in front of a black background looking sceptical and intersted in something. Portrait of a bearded man with an intense look standing in a dark room against a black background. Though he was cleanshaven in Rio during this summer’s 2016 Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps is taking advantage of his recent retirement to work on improving his facial hair gmae.

Interestingly, however, those who were worried about picking up harmful bacteria or viruses were more likely to find bearded men attractive. The researchers surmised that facial hair was either being used as a marker of health by those women or that it covered up the areas of the face that could communicate ill health. New York Jets center Nick Mangold looks like a viking who stumbled onto a football field, and that’s not a complaint.

In addition to NYCFC, he plays for Italy’s national team and somehow manages to find extra time to groom an amazing beard and model Italian suits. Retired WWE entertainer Daniel Bryan has sported his impressive beard for years, so we can’t really imagine him clean-shaven . He’s nailed that “lumberjack” look and we love him as half of a fit couple with Brie Bella. Selecting a region may change the language and promotional content you see on the Adobe Stock web site. #JeffreyBuoncristiano ⚓This man has cool videos on YouTube If you ever look him up.

Further research has shown that kids are more likely to pick a bearded man to help them with feats of strength, like fighting a dragon, but prefer a clean-shaven ally when they need someone reliable to help them hide a treasure map. In July 2019, radio journalist Nadir Shah Sahibzada was killed by insurgents. He worked for Gardiz Ghag Radio in the northern Afghanistan province of Paktia.

Higher, indeed, than the industry averages of about 1.04% and 0.71% . The study also revealed that customers view bearded salesmen as being more expert and trustworthy than their stubbled, mustached, or clean-shaven counterparts, regardless of the salesman’s age, race, ethnicity, attractiveness, or likability. These men may be using beards to reinforce gender roles. New York Rangers hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist has always been known for his incredible skill in the net, and for just as long he’s been known to be incredibly handsome. Is it a coincidence that one of the best goalies in the National Hockey League sports on of the most well-groomed beards in the league? Beards often make men look older, more mature, of higher social status, and more credible.

This can be especially useful for job-seeking men who look young for their age. Additionally, research has revealed that people can recognize expressions of anger faster on a bearded face than on a clean-shaven face, but are slower to recognize expressions like css grid column span happiness or sadness. As World Beard Day comes around again, and the planet gets ready to celebrate fabulous facial hair, here are a few things that scientists have discovered about beards. Brutal bearded male in sunglasses dressed in a gray t-shirt and…

Portrait of his he nice-looking attractive content macho virile… Portrait of bearded tattooed hipster male dressed in a military jacket over grey background. This one may be a no brainer, but UFC superstar and Muscle & Fitness November cover model Conor McGregor has a lot going for him.

What he does skip is a morning shave, instead sporting various beard styles that are always impressive to say the least. Technically, pro volleyball player Jeremy Casebeer has a more prominent ‘stache than he does a beard, but it’s still a solid, salt-and-pepper colored beard that accompanies a handsome face (not to mention the cute baby!). Bodybuilder Edgard John-Augustin holds a special place on this list as an inspiring athlete, who’s sexy to boot. After losing both of his legs in a car accident at the age of four, John-Augustin has spent his life learning to live with prosthetic legs, and is now an IFBB pro. Sure, his beard his nice, but his motivation is even more remarkable.

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