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They cover a myriad of pest control related topics and many helpful tips for just about any pest problem. They also use an EcoSMART’s technology in their work to provide effective treatment that is safe for people and the environment. Heron is a pest control that works in Florida and focuses a great deal on lawn care. Since the business puts a strong emphasis and giving its customers beautiful lawns, the blog content reflects this. A lot of the content is dedicated to lawn care, and it’s not always just about pest-related issues.

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Bayer has completed the sale of its Environmental Science Professional business to the international private equity firm Cinven. PPC regular Michael Coates explains how corporate social responsibility doesn’t have to be about mega organisations and box-ticking. If a pest is known to transmit disease, destroy property, or cause damage in other ways, our ability to tolerate them may be zero. But, if the pest doesn’t cause harm, you may decide that you can deal with a certain number of them or their presence in a specific location. Every situation is different though, so you will have to decide when it’s right to take action.

Blogging is a great way to get your company’s name in front of people searching online for pest control. So whether you’ve never written a blog post for your pest control company or you’re struggling to think of new topics, we’ve gathered some content ideas for you. Physical pest control involves trapping or killing pests such as insects and rodents. Historically, local people or paid rat-catchers caught and killed rodents using dogs and traps. On a domestic scale, sticky flypapers are used to trap flies. Glueboards are sometimes used for monitoring cockroaches and to catch rodents.

Although the blogger definitely is, you don’t have to be wild about ants to appreciate this blog. In addition to answering ant questions, you can also get their benefits from a read of the blog. These bloggers standout for targeting their insect research and blog towards the largely ignored urban areas. Located in Wayne County, Michigan, they have recorded 50 new species of odonata, or dragonflies. This blog is named after a quote from Joseph Krutch on the human standpoint on insects. Alison also fills her blog with other discoveries on insects and closer looks at them.

In some regions, such as New Brunswick, areas of forest are sprayed with pesticide to control the budworm population and prevent the damage caused during outbreaks. This pest control management proposal template is designed for a pest control company offering residential pest control services. Start by adding your own logo to the cover page and filling out the placeholder fields called tokens. Once you’ve integrated PandaDoc with your CRM these fields will auto-populate. The pricing table on this page is set up to help you get clients to pay for multiple service visits up front.

These are cumulative poisons, requiring bait stations to be topped up regularly. Poisoned meat has been used for centuries to kill animals such as wolves and birds of prey. Poisoned carcasses however kill a wide range of carrion feeders, not only the targeted species. Raptors in Israel were nearly wiped out following a period of intense poisoning of rats and other crop pests.


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Mike Merchant has served as entomology specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension since 1989. His areas of specialty involve research on the insects that effect people including spiders, scorpions, fire ants, termites, and others. Get pest control from an academic point of view by stopping at his blog. For example, research-backed articles can help a pest control company rank higher in SERPs and build its site authority.

/PRNewswire/ — The pest control industry has always been vital to the health and safety of homes, families, and businesses. While the treatment specifics vary country to country, pest control remains a driving factor in protecting populations from a variety of diseases. Pest Protection practices a variety of services – from protecting public health, property, our crops, to removing unwanted pests from occupied dwellings and businesses. Pest control practices are essential for maintaining the health of a population from otherwise dangerous infections. This Colorado pest control leader has been in the business since 1965 and is one of the most trusted pest control services in the area.

You’re getting your pest control business up and running, but you need it to run smoothly and efficiently. These 7 pest control tools are must-haves for your business to succeed. For example, want to offer a limited-time discount on the startup fee or the first month? Another suggestion is to provide your perspective on pests that have been in the news recently.

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