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For the most part, it’s just a fun little game, but many countries actually do have long-held traditions of associating underwear color with luck. It’s also a great reminder that you don’t actually know what a new year might bring, or the positive experiences you may have. By the time next year’s Dec. 31 rolls around, you could be a totally spanish baking powder different person, full of fun stories about things you haven’t yet done, with new friends you’ve yet to meet. Right now, my life feels drastically different from the end of 2020, and it definitely felt different from the end of 2019. In Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela, it’s considered lucky to wear colored underwear on New Year’s Eve.

One extremely unique tradition is the planting of trees under a frozen lake in Russia. For the past 25 years, two divers have ventured into the frozen Lake Baikal to plant a New Year Tree more than 100 feet below the surface. The tree is usually a spruce that has been decorated with things to bring good luck and cheer to the community for the upcoming year. A number of Latin Americans head to the streets with their suitcases in hand as soon as the new year begins. According to this tradition, those who take their suitcases for a stroll at midnight will be rewarded with trips, vacations, and adventures in the coming 12 months.

In Colombia, some carry empty suitcases in hopes of travel. In Chile, some hold money or place coins at their door. In Ecuador, men may dress in wigs, heavy makeup and miniskirts. In Argentina, the celebration is during summer, as in many South American countries, so families go to the beach. One of my readers brought to my attention an underwear New Year’s Eve tradition that is mostly done in South American countries.

Honestly, doesn’t sound like a bad combo for your hangover either. In many countries, wearing a certain color or pattern is supposed to bring good luck. This year, wear something with polka dots or don a plain white outfit for good luck. The only year we missed publishing an article about these was last year… and you all saw what happened to 2020! So we thought, this year, we should bring back this article in order to make a team effort for 2021 to be a great year for all! To revive and continue our very own tradition started in 2017, we made a selection with underwear you can wear on the special night.

This is because “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny.” In Latin America, setting fire to a dummy that looks like someone who made your life hell is a cleansing ritual, but smashing plates in Denmark is good luck. Typically, people go to parties for New Year’s Eve and will opt for black since it’s more elegant. AS WE GET closer to ringing in the new year, people tend to come up with different resolutions to welcome a healthier lifestyle. Learn what are the causes of underwear fetishism, common forms it takes, and if there is anything wrong with having an underwear fetish. This article discusses the definition of jockstraps, what they look like, why they were created, and the types of jockstraps available in today’s m…

If you can’t find any or want to buy something you, why don’t you try the eco-friendly, Seaqual yarn made Arctic Green Briefs by Bluebuck. In many countries, especially Latin America, people will wear brand new underwear in a specific color to ring in the new year. What color underwear to wear with white clothing… we recommend nude. It’s not on the list of New Year’s Eve undies, but they won’t show through your clothing. Wither way, I’ll take any ounce of luck where I can get it.

So go out and buy your loved one the appropriate underwear for the new year. If you are planning to welcome in the new year at home or at a friends house, you will want to look and feel great too! Here at NA-KD, we can help you find the perfect New Year’s Eve house party outfit. Try one of our stunning champagne mini dresses with a matching cardigan and simple accessories.

We offer you a huge selection of outfits for all your needs. From that sexy mini dress to a classic cocktail dress, we will help you find the perfect look. Looking for the perfect dress for this special night?

This Danish tradition is lowkey a popularity contest, as the superstition encourages you to break dishes on the doorsteps of all your friends and family for good luck. The more doorsteps you have to hit up, the luckier you’ll be. But if you live in America, I’d give your loved ones a heads-up before you bring this custom across the pond—they might not, uh, appreciate it otherwise. “And if you do that, you’ll be blessed for the new year,” Villagomez said. But University of Regina history professor Scarlet Munoz Ramirez said other groups believe they have to eat grapes during the countdown to midnight.

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