Newer and alternative non-steroidal treatments for asthmatic inflammation

Allergens that used to adversely affect their overall health do not have the same effect on their bodies. Herbals are also not a bar to the taking of traditional asthma medications. An asthma herbals treatment does not interfere with the effects of medicines especially if a person’s attacks require him to take some prescribed drugs.

It is a safe &alternative way for people with asthma. Scientists have found evidence to support ginger’s wide range of medicinal actions. These actions include the lowering of cholesterol levels, relief for allergies and asthma, arthritis, colds, and nausea and protecting the digestive tract and liver against toxins and parasites.

Unlike oral corticosteroids, inhaled corticosteroids have a relatively low risk of serious side effects. When inhaled, it will cause your airways to narrow slightly. If you react to the methacholine, you likely have asthma. This test may be used even if your initial lung function test is normal.

After you use it, rinse your mouth with water, gargle, and spit out. If your child cannot use an inhaler, your doctor will give you Pulmicort Repulse. This machine can turn liquid medicine into a spray, so your child can breathe the medicine in. If your child does have an asthma flare-up, a quick-relief inhaler can ease symptoms right away. But if long-term control medications are working properly, your child shouldn’t need to use a quick-relief inhaler very often.

However, many herbs have not been thoroughly tested, and the FDA does not regulate them. This means that the purity and amount of herb in each dose–and smoking willow bark therefore its safety–cannot be guaranteed. There are some reports that acupuncture can help in the treatment of asthma, but this has not been proven.

Ginger and garlic both have anti-inflammatory properties and are commonly used to manage cardiovascular disease. This tasty treatment may also decrease inflammation in the lungs and help prevent or relieve asthma attacks. Bronchodilators used for asthma or the decongestant pseudoephedrine may have increased bronchodilating effects when used with ephedra. The side effects of ephedra may be worsened by guanethidine, ergot alkaloids (bromocriptine, dihydroergotamine & ergotamine), oxytocin, diuretics, morphine, and anesthetic drugs . Ephedra may lower blood sugar levels although ephedra-caffeine combinations may increase blood sugar.

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