Onion in sock for cold and flu treatment: Does it work?

Onions are air purifiers and when in contact with the skin they kill germs and bacteria. Also, the juice that onions produce when you cut them open, when in contact with the skin, will enter the bloodstream and help purify the blood. Onions possess extraordinary properties, which can explain their highly regarded position in traditional medicine.

This article was originally published on January 5, 2015 and was updated on July 2, 2019. As prices rise, experts share the best substitutes for the condiment. Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Onion in sock. But again, there’s no evidence to back it up, so feel free to enjoy those leftovers. For one thing, we’re seeing the highest hospitalization rates for influenza in a decade; the CDC estimates that there have been at least 2.8 million infections, 23,000 hospital admissions, and 1,300 deaths from flu so far. M&P’s food processing equipment is used by major food manufacturers worldwide.

Not to mention everyone and their diets are different, so what helps one person may not help the next. In general, onions can play an important role in a healthy diet; they are a source of carbohydrates and contain a type of fiber called fructans, which help maintain a healthy gut. However, reviews of published studies on the practice conclude that the evidence isn’t strong enough to prove it works, although its use is relatively safe given it doesn’t involve any drugs or invasive procedures. As part of our food preparation range, M&P Engineering manufacturers high quality fresh cut machinery such as the Radish Top & Tailer. This fresh cut machine tops and tails up to 100 radishes per minute.

It sounds weird, but there are actually benefits to doing it. According to Chinese healers you will kill microbes and bacteria on your skin, allow chi energy to go straight to your liver, and clean your blood. The idea may have come from the ancient medical practice called reflexology, which is the theory that certain parts of the body, like the hands and feet, are connected to internal organs. Practitioners apply pressure to specific areas of the body to try to help chronic diseases, stress, strokes, and muscular disorders.

The onion in sock home remedy has origins in western folklore and is hundreds of years old. Onions may bring tears to your eyes but they add an amazing taste to how to prevent chafing at the beach your food. Onions are also a great source of vitamin C, which again builds a good immune system and plays an important role in fighting disease when eaten.

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