Our Residence Halls

Registration fees include a double occupancy dorm room if requested. When registering you must indicate that you would like a dorm room, otherwise it will be assumed that you have made other lodging arrangements and you will not be assigned a dorm room. Whether you’re coming to college for the first time, moving home for the summer, or graduating, shipping with Dorm Room Movers is a breeze! Packing supplies are distributed via UPS then everything is shipped where you need it via UPS with $100 coverage per item. Take home any medications or personal items you may need; no one will be here over the break to let you in and card access is turned off. Take home your dirty laundry to get it freshly cleaned.

When you return we can help you ship them back to us to be delivered with your items in storage as well. Circuit-protection meaning it needs surgery missy elliott weight loss to have reset/on side and an off side. If you live in the Village, one mini refrigerator is also permitted in the suite common area.

The university cannot be held accountable for loss, damage, or theft to any student’s personal property. All students are encouraged to carry their own insurance coverage. Your family’s homeowner or tenant insurance may provide coverage or you can arrange for personal property insurance through a private agency.

White Hall has a kitchen, laundry room, a carpeted study lounge, and a carpeted TV lounge with a vending area, microwave oven, and recreational equipment for use by residents. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the entire building. Starting in Fall 2020, all of the suite living rooms have air conditioning and all TV lounges. Weaver Hall, completed in 1971, is named for Russell Weaver, the former Rector. Weaver is arranged in suites of 3 double bedrooms that share a common lounge.

A very small number of specific rooms are designated as singles and some are designated as triples. Room capacities vary within halls and from hall to hall. How high a bed can be raised and/or lofted depends on the hall.

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