PEST crossword clue All synonyms & answers

Times Daily and the clue is “Insect-resistant home feature”. Discover the top 10 best lawn care and landscaping websites in the industry. See how to build a lawn care website and make it the best for your company. A forum community dedicated to lawn care and landscaping …

Peeps are marshmallow candies usually in the shapes of chicks and bunnies, primarily sold around the Easter holiday. Peeps were introduced in 1952 by a Russian immigrant called Sam Born whose company “Just Born” makes the candies to this day. The original candies were yellow and hand-shaped to look like little chicks, hence the name “Peeps”.

To me, just the right amount of difficulty. Plenty of write-overs, TANKER to COALER being one of them and PORT to PIER being another. ANTSIER went in, came out, and went in again, as did INHALE. Really scratched my head over PET MICE, but eventually “got” it.

It was only today I saw it was quite a mess. Required scrapping followed by wire brushing followed by scrubbing to clean up the mess. As for the CW, 8d I thought of UGH, then YUK, but couldn’t think of how that would fit with 8a, 16a or 18a. Thought of BREATHE but it doesn’t fit and BREATH wouldn’t seem right. Finally INHALE and KEVLAR gave me ICK which meant it had to be a COALER.

Thanks for a fun, but challenging puzzle, Freddie. Last week I complained about the answer TOAT , and this week we have done to a tee. Lots of insects in this puzzle, needing FLY NETS and SCREENED IN PORCHES. And, Owen, you picked right up on those insects.

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Glad it only happens every few years. Patsaid…For some reason I thought this was an easier-than-usual Saturday puzzle. I only needed half the usual peeks are onions bad for gout at the grid and most of my wags were right. Thanks you, Freddie, for the puzzle exercise. If you loved on something, you may have PETted it(?).

Kevlar fits the bill, as an equal weight of the synthetic fiber is five times stronger than the alloy. One of the downsides of Kevlar is that its strength degrades when exposed to sunlight. The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was founded in 1868, and is a social club that has about a million members today.

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