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How can evangelicals support bashing skulls in the name of Jesus? As we’ve noted here before, it’s a fusion of Nazism, corporatism and christian theocracy, a holy trinity of authoritarianism if you will, which is creating the Holy Corporate Empire in which we now live in. Thus, there is the cult-like following of the evangelicals, especially in the rural areas of the South and Midwest, who are wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. Folks, this is fascism and gaslighting that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of. We’re all hoping to wipe that perpetual, arrogant, smug smirk off of Kushner’s face on election day.

Such topics were not necessarily evil such as murder, but more towards the greater argument that evil is required for good, and that balance is a must. Couple of days back, I did m01 and got 26/37 right. The weird part is I completed with 18mins left. Its undoubtedly safer to FINISH the test, than to leave some unanswered questions. My intuition says, it is safer to complete all the questions. Try to guess intelligently if you have to.

After a few millennia, Rex-Aurum sought to create more, this is what led to life and the extra planar cosmos. In this first wave of planar creation the Outer Planes were created, these consist of the elemental planes. In between the planes there is the Ethereal Plane which binds together the planes like a thin membrane.

If you receive no feedback on the comments in the talk page within a reasonable time then by all means go ahead and delete the info you find offending; no-one can blame you for not trying to find consensus first. What’s even more gut wrenching is that in polling, percent of Americans don’t care about the disgusting comments and support America’s Impeached CEO/Dictator and petulant man child Donald Trump anyway. Two years ago we commented on Trump whining about antifa. Here we what is insincere flattery mean are, just about seven weeks short of the election and Trump is ranting once more about how anti-fascists are going to be roaming the streets and nothing is going to be safe if Joe Biden is elected president. This despite 93% of BLM protests being peaceful in nature. When violence does erupt, it’s usually instigated by right wing assholes trying to foment chaos because that’s what right wing assholes have been doing since the the days of Nazism in Germany during the 1930s.

A good example for consensus is the may I used above. That way you others can follow your reasoning and are given a change to comment and give their point of view. Consensus on the matter can then be reached. The feedback will give you a good indication of what the community feel is acceptable and what is not. You don’t have to do this forever, you will notice that you soon learn when to ask and when just to go ahead and do what you think is right.

I ended up taking a lot of MGMAT and GMATPrep CATs in the 2 weeks leading up to the exam. Doing a lot of these led to an efficient timing strategy, and definitely helped raised my final score. I’m sitting for the real one in a couple of days too. Debaters feel as angry as these angriest people, but when they see the truth, it is like they have to stop and go “Hey. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript.

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