Photos at MJR Southgate Digital Cinema 20 Multiplex

We did our research long before we went to the movie to see if I got the tickets for them they could still go and watch the movie. If an adult purchases a minors ticket for them and gives them permission they should be able to watch the movie. So I bought the tickets and they went to the theatre and then I got a call saying that a worker would not let them in the theatre. The cashier need to ask for ID if you ispyjewlery have stipulations for age before they even go back to the theatre instead of asking for it when they go to enter the theatre. I had to forget all my plans for the night and waste even more money on a movie I didnt want to see. In order to help finance the new cinemas, MJR sold some of its existing theaters, including the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, the Livonia Mall Cinemas and the drive-in in Monroe.

All of the auditoriums will feature a closed caption viewing system for the hearing impaired as well as a wireless audio system that delivers descriptive narration for the visually impaired. He said VIP seats will roll out at other theaters in Michigan; the Brighton and Southgate locations will get them in August. “There are people who like that exclusivity when they go out to an entertainment venue, be it box seats at a theater or stadium,” Taylor said.

The manager Devon lacks complete customer service skills. He didnt give options, whether to give a gift card, cash refund, or credit card refund. I wouldve been fine with any of those three, but not passes that are worth less and have an expiration date. All movie theaters are multi- and megaplexes with a capacity varying from 10 to 20 screens. In 2018, the 10 movie theaters drew 6.2 million visitors with total revenue of $81.2 million. I rarely go to the movies, mostly because of the prices and the poor experience.

I’ll admit that I have done so on a few occasions, but only if there are more people in the theater. This is my go-to theater as I’ve never had a bad experience here! Their rewards program is great as well and the staff is mostly friendly too.

“Brighton, it’s one of our busiest and biggest theaters, and it felt like a good area to launch our initiative. I think the market there would respond well to having that option at the theater.” This fall, the Brighton location will be the first in MJR’s market to get a Laser Ultra-equipped large-format screen auditorium. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions. More recent theaters to be built by MJR include the 14-screen Partridge Creek 14 in Clinton Township, Michigan which opened in 2007, and the 16-screen Westland Grand Cinemas, opened in 2011. MJR Digital Cinemas, which operates a theater in Southgate, has been purchased by a European cinema chain, the two sides announced Monday.

Like any theater there are about a million ads before the show actually starts, so if you are going to a movie that won’t be that busy you can show up minutes after start time and still catch the whole movie. Bloomfield Hills-based MJR Digital Cinemas, founded in 1980, plans to add its “Epic Experience” large-screen format to the company’s Brighton, Sterling Heights, and Waterford locations by mid-2015. Taylor said while the pandemic disrupted the movie theater industry, attendance has been coming back. Lastly, it is somewhat of a tradition for many movie-goers at MJR to “clap” along to their theme song.

Overall, though, this is a great place to see a movie. Itll be on my short list of theatres to visit in the area. Im very disappointed with Southgate MJR due to a situation that happened earlier tonight. The staff needs to be completely honest with their customers sat the desk when you get your tickets. I bought tickets for my daughters to see the Rated R movie, the Gallows.

Children 6 & under are not permitted into ‘R’ rated features at any time. Guests are politely asked to respect fellow movie-goers by refraining from disruptive behavior during the Feature Presentation, including talking or using devices with screens or lights. I understand checking the time but playing games on your phone is just ridiculous… Southgate Cinema 20 was opened November 6, 1998 and is one of the busiest theaters in the state of Michigan.

Mike Mihalich, founder and CEO of MJR Digital Cinemas, stands in front of MJR Southgate Digital Cinema 20, which was opened in 1998 and can seat a total of 4,400 moviegoers. The facility draws about 1.1 million customers a year. Join Untappd For Business to verify your venue and get more app visibility, in-depth menu information, and more.

They operate 10 theaters in and around metro Detroit. In addition, the Brighton theater and MJR Southgate Cinema will be the company’s first in Michigan to be upgraded with VIP seats. Each auditorium in the theaters will be equipped with one or two rows of semi-private, two- and three-seat pods priced at a premium rate. In December 2013, MJR announced its first Studio Bar and Lounge, to be built adjacent to the lobby at its Marketplace location in Sterling Heights.

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