Pitcher’s Pocket Pitching Practice Screen

If your order has shipped, you will be responsible for actual return shipping charges. Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card that you use when placing your order. Adjustable legs to change height and detachable legs for easy storage. Pay special attention to trimming smaller corner pieces of insulation and secure these with zip ties to complete the protection of the PVC pipes from ball strikes. Note that if you leave this padding insulation exposed to pitching later, the spin on the ball will tear it.

For transport you can use an end cap piece to keep the sand in and then remove the cap to insert this leg into the pitching pocket frame bottom. The last two items I had laying around my garage, so that was a money saver. The netting can be anything with small enough holes to hold a baseball. Finally, these prices baseball pitching targets (total here was 77.15 euros) may vary depending on your shopping experience locally, so you might even be able to do this project for cheaper. This put the pocket frame at 48cm wide by 72cm tall, but I rounded that off to give me some room for the eventual padding and tarp wrapping around the finished frame.

Motion is a dynamic process; any inefficiencies in movement, especially early, too easily propagate and become harder to correct. The Pocket Path aligns the early throwing phases by positioning the arm in a way that minimizes poor arm paths. It is an intuitive, simple tool that helps athletes start their throwing motion consistently every time. This is the very first comprehensive throwing instruction program that provides the two essential keys to making consistently strong, accurate throws and pitching success.

If your item are available for immediate shipment we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment. Products that do not have a special guarantee carry up to a one-year guarantee which is honored only when the product is inspected and found to have experienced normal use. Then you’re ready to get on the mound and learn how to take your pitching to the next level and beyond. More pockets provide even more targets for pitchers to aim at. The pockets we’ve reviewed above have a range of benefits – adjustable height, hardy pitching net, etc.

Possible improvements might be using string or rope to secure the tarp and preventing zip tie breakage. I have no shortage of zip ties so I really don’t mind the occasional fix here and there. I am also an OverseasFan, so that makes ordering things online in the USA a bit expensive, especially when they are heavy or large shipments. Hello Walter, I am sorry the lowest we sell this product for is $300.

Place a Pitcher’s Pocket Pro in a bullpen and have your pitchers warm-up and train with out sacrificing another player. There are so many reasons why I love baseball – I played from a young age through college and it’s my favorite sport to watch so I’ve always followed it very closely. I love it for its little nuances, the strategy involved, the drama of a close game, late innings situation, and its deep history.

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