Pitching Demo: How to grip and throw the knuckleball

When delivered correctly, the batter will notice no difference in the grip and they will expect the ball to arrive at its usual speed. England international limited quinnipiac mailing address overs bowler Pat Brown goes into greater detail. Speaking to Wisden he explained that he brings those two fingers back and points them down towards the thumb.

Keep your pinkie hanging off loose and your thumb directly below the ball. It’s harder to throw a knuckleball out of the windup than it is when you’re playing catch. After warming up, line up about 30 feet away from your throwing partner and practice mastering the grip and the motion before you combine it all in a pitch.

The knuckleball is a fan favorite and a rare pitch that few have been able to master. With insights from our in-house knuckleballer, John Soteropulos, we’ll dissect how a knuckleball moves and show you what it takes to develop one for yourself. Learn how to pitch a knuckleball from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast baseball video.

Use enough pressure so that the ball is firmly grasped but be careful not chip your fingernail or injury your finger tip. To answer this question, researchers from École Polytechnique and ESPCI ParisTech built a special robot designed to give soccer balls that knuckleball motion. R.A. Dickey of the New York Mets in 2012, has had a Cy Young level season by throwing an effective knuckle ball. In the past, pitchers like Tim Wakefield and Hoyt Wilhelm dominated hitters by throwing an effective knuckle ball.

Tim Wakefield was known to have mastered a knuckle ball while warming up as a minor league first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Without doing so, he would have never reached the major league level. It’s important that young players not get caught up throwing a knuckle ball. Otherwise, they will not develop a good fast ball, change up, or other important pitches. This is why, against powerful hitters, the knuckleball is the best way of deceiving a hitter. With a slower than average movement pace and a completely spin-less motion, the knuckleball will do an excellent job of taking care of the batter.

Not many bowlers of extreme pace can deliver the knuckle ball effectively but England’s Jofra Archer is a notable exception. This is a man who, when he is fit, is regularly capable at sending the ball down at speeds in excess of 90mph. The practise seems to have originated in India and it’s no surprise that many of the country’s seam bowlers are adept at this type of delivery. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is another top fast bowler who has played for the Indian national team in all forms of the game. The cricket ball is, therefore, gripped by the two remaining fingers. Rest the ball on top of the knuckles of the index and the middle finger.

While this is a difficult pitch to master, it has been done with great success. In the video below, you will see MLB All-Star and Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey describe his mechanics for the knuckleball and what made it such a successful pitch for him. Just find the grip that feels most comfortable with you and practice gripping it so that you give yourself the best chance possible to throw the most effective pitch. With the knuckleball, though, you want the exact opposite, as you don’t want the ball to spin at all — or as little as possible.

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