Potatoes in Socks: Eating Potatoes May Be a Better Cold Remedy

You can always count on your doctor to come up with the treatment that best suits your child. When used to make juice, potatoes can help allay stomach disorders and swelling. When crushed into a fine powder and mixed with water, it can help hasten weight loss.

The “potato sock” trend has gone viral on TikTok, with various people trying it out for themselves – and some claim it works. According to devotees, the root vegetable has the ability to “draw out the cold” from a person’s body, leaving them feeling energised. The videos have been viewed millions of times, with a single clip on onion water amassing almost 300,000 views in a month.

If you’re not allergic to potatoes, likely won’t cause a skin reaction. Eating potatoes may boost your immune system and help you beat a cold or flu. A medium-size baked potato gives you about 27 milligrams of vitamin C. After searching online for medical literature on this topic, we couldn’t find any clear evidence that a sliced potato in your sock would cure a virus. No, sleeping with a potato in your sock will not fight off viruses.

It is generally safe to put potatoes on your eyes overnight. However, if you have any cuts or open wounds on your eyelids, it is best to avoid doing this. Cucumbers work better for puffiness, while potatoes are more suited for anyone struggling with dark circles. Applying cold immediately after an injury helps reduce swelling by restricting blood flow to the area and slowing down cellular metabolism. You can use ice packs, cold therapy systems, ice baths, or cryotherapy chambers to deliver cold to the affected area. We know salicylic acid is beneficial in treating acne,” he says.

When you thought TikTok couldn’t get weirder than the recent NyQuil Chicken trend, the viral social media app topped itself. And raw potato has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, infections, burns, and sore eyes. Some now swear by the practice, saying the potatoes have helped draw toxins out of their bodies, leaving them feeling fresh and energized. With flu cases spiking this season, videos under the search term have clocked up an astronomical 8.1 billion views collectively. Babies and small children have more sensitive skin and may have an allergic reaction to the potato. It’s safe for most adults to try the potato remedy, even if there is no evidence that it works.

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“It’s not really indicative of toxins being removed from your body, more of a reaction that is taking place within the potato,” Dr. Robinson said. When potatoes are in a severe state natural alternatives to gabapentin of illness, pus will come out of their eyeballs when they are pressed. Potatoes that have wilt have poor yields and quickly perish after being picked because of the disease.

A poultice is made by grating or chopping the potato sometimes a cooked and mashed potatoes may be used although generally it is raw. The potato is then wrapped in gauze or similar slightly porous cloth and placed over the affected area. You take a potato, cut it in half, and then slice off two pieces. You press the potato slices against the bottom of your feet . Unsurprisingly, there is no scientific evidence that this would help cure a viral respiratory infection, and putting a potato on the skin would have “zero therapeutic benefit”.

WUSA would like to send you push notifications about the latest news and weather. Two ‘miracle cures’ have grown so popular, they’ve yielded a harvest of testimonials and how-to videos on YouTube and Facebook. We’d like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates on baby care and health. No matter how simple a home intervention might be, it’s always best to consult your child’s paediatrician when your child is ill.

With that in mind, try sticking to drinking fluids and getting plenty of rest as a flu treatment instead of potato socks. The potato socks phenomenon also isn’t the first trend that promotes health misinformation online and likely won’t be the last. The dangerous Benadryl challenge, sunscreen contouring and dubious chlorophyll trends have all come before it. Additionally, Healthline cautions people against trying the trend on children, as it may cause skin irritation or could be problematic if the child has an allergic reaction. In other sock-related news, tall knee-high and over-the-knee styles have been embraced by celebrities on and off the red carpet in recent weeks, including Emily Ratajkowski and Jenny Slate.

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