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Let’s take a look at each of the Google Fi plans to see how they differ. Note that prices don’t include taxes and fees. If you’re thinking of hopping on board, here’s everything you need to know before switching to Google Fi. Amazingly, no; this is another one of the service’s exceptional features, particularly if you travel internationally with any regularity .

When submitting a port request to a landline carrier, you must also submit the service address in order to do an info match and gain approval of the port request. Google completely misses this in the list of requirements in the above email to me. Stepping back a bit… healthy fats optavia every single port request of all types in the country get submitted with a DDD – a Desired Due Date. When the losing carrier gets the port request, they look at that DDD and determine whether it is enough time for them to accomplish what is a complex manual process.

However, you can still make calls to other countries at a low rate per minute. On the Flexible plan, you can use your data to power a hotspot on your phone at no extra cost. You’re also able to order free data-only SIMs to use in devices like tablets; these allow you to use your pool of data on other devices aside from your phone. And there’s no extra charge for doing so; you just pay that same standard flat per-gigabyte rate for any data you use, regardless of how you’re sharing it or what device is actually tapping into it. But just like with the service’s mobile network switching, you don’t really think about any of that stuff in day-to-day use.

You can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data with any Wi-Fi-compatible device. That data will count toward your monthly usage. If you’re on Simply Unlimited, you can use up to 5 GB of hotspot tethering. To match your data needs, you can switch plans once a month, as many times as you want.

An iPhone will work on Fi, but it requires some extra setup and can’t use all the functionality. Second, Fi will charge you only up to the 6GB mark with an individual account. If you manage to go over 6GB of mobile data in any given month, you’ll still pay just $60 — $10 per gig times six — for that month’s usage. In the beginning, the catch was that Google Fi only worked on select phones, but these days it’ll work on just about anything, even iPhones. (Some features, like network switching, might not be available on your phone.) I activated my Google Fi SIM card using a Nokia 5.3, which is not an officially supported device, but it worked just fine.

A landline carrier, by FCC guidance, needs 3-15 calendar days to port a number to a wireless carrier. For the time being, I’m on the next hunt for a mobile carrier that actually has decent international plan that doesn’t take close to 10 phone calls to get set up — if such a company indeed exists. Google Fi focuses on connecting you to the best available network. It uses Wi-Fi calling if doing so is faster than your cellular connection. The service also seamlessly moves between the carrier networks to find the best connection.

I tried to transfer my current AT&T phone number to Google Fi, but not successful. I talked several times to the GoogleFi as well as AT &T over the phone regarding this issue and ended up it’s impossible to transfer my number. I got Transfer Request Pin # from AT & T (that’s all they said about transferring the number to another carrier), but the number is still ineligible to transfer in the GoogleFi. I feel like there is a way to do, but not sure. I appreciate if someone can help me out or explain why this happened.

And they couldn’t help me while I was on Chat Support. No matter how I tried to address the issue, the representative just wasn’t comprehending the problem. In short, they have a bug in their communication with the carrier, within Google’s process, and with their communication with their customers. You will need to port your new number to a wireless carrier first, before you can port it to Google Fi. This is because of a Google Fi porting bug that they have not overcome just yet. If this page is still standing, the bug is still very much alive.

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