Prose Custom Hair Care Review Here’s how their tailored products worked

You can see more of her testing process and other behind-the-scenes of being a product journalist on her Instagram @connayreviews. Prose Though the shampoo and conditioner smelled amazing, my hair felt limp every time I used them. I was disappointed, so I took advantage of Prose’s 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, which lets you give feedback on your first formulation and offers a reformulation, free of charge. The mask lasts up to 10 weeks while the shampoo and conditioner last six to eight weeks. Each product’s price will depend on your unique combination of ingredients, but start at $25. While I didn’t feel like my hair needed the extras, including the pre-shampoo scalp mask, I enjoy them once in a while if I’m looking to give my hair a bit of a detox, much like a clarifying shampoo would .

Prose uses natural ingredients when it comes to their hair products. They use ingredients that are ethically harvested from all corners of the world. Their formulas give you the specific ingredients your hair actually needs. Their products have ZERO sulfates, parabens, GMO, phthalate, alcohol and they’re also cruelty-free. I decided to try this brand out since I’ve been seeing lots of hype on the products.

The purpose of the hair mask was to target these dry ends. Because of the high concentration of ingredients used to hydrate your hair, it’s recommended as a treatment every other week before I shampoo. As you can see, whether you have fine, coarse, thin, thick, straight, or curly hair, there’s a custom product to address your unique needs. Using Prose products has been an incredibly luxurious experience for me, but I also did not have any serious “hair issues” to begin with. The shampoo and conditioner starts at $24 each, while the hair oil is $41 per bottle, and the pre-shampoo mask will set you back $36. As a natural girl, I know my hair is moisturized post-washday when my curls are defined without any additional product.

With my other shampoos and conditioners, I’m rocking a messy bun on day-two hair. The first time I used my Prose products, I went a full five (!!!) days without washing. Yes, that fifth day was not necessarily pretty, but I didn’t have to messy-bun it until the fourth day. The difference with Prose is that it can really work to suit your particular hair needs and incorporate your climate, oiliness, curl type and more into your hair products. You don’t have to buy every single product when you start with your first order.

So while I’m not reluctant to try new hair products, I am always skeptical they’ll be as good as my tried-and-trues. I love that my products are tailored to my specific needs and goals (Prose even considers your specific environmental factors when crafting your products—something I didn’t even realize I needed). Ouidad is known for not only their hair products, but also their haircuts. There are Ouidad-trained stylists who specialize in cutting curly hair with a technique that’s kept closely under wraps. The brand also has a handful of helpful how-to and tip videos on YouTube, including a video with Ouidad herself.

Any product that is made completely from natural ingredients, by people who are paid fair wages, by a brand that uses sustainable practice is also going to be on the costly side. This product can also be used as a detangler before you wash, but it’s important to use on damp hair. Another plus is that this Leave-In serves as a heat-protectant for the next steps in your beautification process.

My goal is for my hair to be stronger, shinier, softer, and more defined. Prose checked all of those boxes and I couldn’t be happier. I knew I was probably going to have to cut off at least 7 inches of damaged hair (keep in mind this is Jan 2020 and the last time I cut my hair professionally was Nov. 2018, so you KNOW there’s damage). I booked an appointment for the end of Feb. because I wanted to know what prose could do in 2 months (you had said you didn’t see a difference until like 5-7 washes in).

Simply spritz in hair before, or after, your regular shower routine for smoother, more manageable hair. We’re squeezing more into our days than ever before, leaving our hair to fall limp by the wayside. Dry shampoo has taken orange hair dark roots off and become wildly popular in the beauty industry over the last ten years. I think it’s because the average schedule is so jam-packed—feed the kids, go to work, head to the gym, head back to work, cook dinner, etc.

One review describes how hair suffers photodamage when exposed to UV rays, such as degradation of hair proteins and discoloration. The use of sunscreen protects the hair cuticle and prevents photodamage. A review article highlights that these proteins are attracted to the keratin and can hold the cortex fragments together until the next time you shampoo.

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