Raja Vikramarka Movie Review: Mission Failed

Sudhakar Komakula will get a mixed response for his role and performance. He did well during the second half of the movie. Harsha Vardhan happens to be the major relief factor of Raja Vikramarka. Helmed by Sri Saripalli, Raja Vikramarka sees Kartikeya in the titular role, as an NIA secret agent with a sense of humour. His boss Mahendra assigns him the job of protecting police officer-turned-home minister Chakravarthy from the gangster Guru Narayan . Kanthi is the only daughter of Chakravarthy and falls in love with Vikramarka.

He has a well-chiseled physique and enacted the action scenes quite well. He is ok with his comedy scenes and to some extent in romantic scenes. However, he should work on his expressions to make it to the next league. Tanikella Bharani did well and got good dialogues to make an impression. Harshavardhan did well while Sudhakar Komakula who got an important role is just ok.

The soundtrack was composed by Prashanth Vihari, and the main sponsors are Rama reddy and Adi Reddy. However, the second half has a single track narrative , where the idea is that a twist would elevate the whole thing. It doesn’t paraguard parasite cleanse reviews work that way, and we are left with tedious proceedings following the genre clichés one after the other. Again, the comedy coming in between adds to the irritation. His daughter behaves like a typical Telugu cinema heroine.

You see it coming, but still find it engrossing. Songs are kept to the minimum, dialogues are well written and the film boasts of technical finesse. The action scenes have been shot well, giving credence to the thriller. The story has a good supporting cast like Harshavardhan and a surprise in the form of Sudhakar Kommakula who returns with a reasonably big role. The film is a good watch and full marks to the writing department. Logic, pace, and tautness is what one would expect from such films and Sri Saripalli’s work disappoints on all three counts.

The logics are left to the air and the unnecessary urge to load the screenplay with twists doesn’t help the cause either. Sai Kumar didn’t step out of his comfort zone and is alright. The film doesn’t offer much scope for Tanya Ravichandran to exhibit her performance nuances. Sudhakar Komakula appears earnest in his performance, while Tanikella Bharani, who plays Vikram’s senior officer, has unintendedly funny lines in the film. Sri Saripalli on debut tried to show Karthikeya in a romantic action entertainer.

Borrowing its title from Chiranjeevi’s yesteryear film, this Kartikeya Gummakonda-starrer lacks the excitement of a spy-thriller. Borrowing its title from Chiranjeevi’s yesteryear film, this Kartikeya Gummakonda-starrer lacks the excitement of a spy-thriller. Karthikeya is suited for the role of an NIA officer.

He looks super stylish in each and every frame in the film. Tanya Ravichandran has no looks of the heroine and she hardly has any screen presence during the second half of the film. Sai Kumar’s characterization looks quite routine and he never looked like a Home Minister in the film.

Karthikeya is a stylish NIA officer with a great physique. In the second half, the entire plot revolves around a kidnapping scheme that fails to attract the audience. The final, most deadly flaw in Raja Vikramarka is the bizarre back-story about why Guru Narayan wants revenge from Chandrasekhar. A good spy-thriller ideally keeps the audience engrossed in its intelligent plot, spectacular action sequences, exciting espionage elements, and thrills. But, Raja Vikramarka, directed by debutant Sri Saripalli, fails to create such impact owing to its potpourri of influences coupled with irredeemable qualities.

Overall, Raja Vikramarka is an action-comedy that fails to blend action and comedy properly. The silly writing and lack of fresh aspects further mar the story. If you love movies of this genre, give it a try, but have zero expectations. Or else you can stay away and wait for the non-theatrical platform.

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