Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Despite seasoned actors like Sai Kumar and Tanikella Bharani, ‘Raja Vikramarka’ doesn’t come across as a well-acted movie. Prashanth R Vihari’s BGM lends style to some action scenes. Overall, Raja Vikramarka is an action-comedy that fails to blend action and comedy properly. The silly writing and lack of fresh aspects further mar the story. If you love movies of this genre, give it a try, but have zero expectations. Or else you can stay away and wait for the non-theatrical platform.

Tanya Ravichandran has no looks of the heroine and she hardly has any screen presence during the second half of the film. Sai Kumar’s characterization looks quite routine and he never looked like a Home Minister in the film. Sudhakar Komakula will get a mixed response for his role and performance.

There is a Home Minister whose life is under threat. There is a crest-fallen Maoist who is nursing his wounds and is seething with a vengeance. There is this National Investigation Agency whose supposedly smart officials have figured out that the HM will be blown up if they don’t get their act together urgently. For no rhyme or reason, the mission to protect the Minister has to be accomplished without informing even an ant, that too by a wilfully madcap junior . If anything, it is the AR Murugadoss cinematic universe and the crime-comedy flavour rolled into one.

Nowhere in the film, have we felt the seriousness of an NIA mission. It runs more of a commercial action drama filled with a hero trying to do some comedy, romancing the heroine who looks totally dumb. RX100 fame Karthikeya Gummakonda still has got his debut movie to claim as none of his movies after that worked well. The actor’s Raja Vikramarka now in the direction of Sri Saripalli is releasing today. The trailer of the movie caught attention with the sharp visuals and the secret agent stuff.

Raja Vikramarka is a silly action thriller that has very few things going its way. The narrative takes a bit too many senseless twists that doesn’t help the cause. Karthikeya’s performance [pii_email_1f59b478e2752c0b8774] is possibly the only bright aspect of this shabby actioner. ‘Raja Vikramarka’ centers on a predictable thought. Without hesitation, I say that the plotline reeks of illogicality.

Pinkvilla also criticized the story narration, screenplay and cited the film as “an inept action-comedy that is shorn of logic”. A novice NIA officer Raja Vikramarka aka Vikram will be assigned his first major case after a silly mistake he does. Vikram’s responsibility is to save Home Minister Chandrasekhar from a notorious Naxal leader in exile, Guru Narayana .

Kartikeya Gummakonda’s latest film “Raja Vikramarka” has succeeded in gaining our attention with the teaser itself. Debut writer-director Sri Saripalli impresses with his one-liners penned for Kartikeya and Tanikella. He must also be appreciated for choosing a different thriller with NIA backdrop for his debut.

All the songs are not impressive and they are placed wrong. The editing work and others are pretty average. Raja Vikramarka offers nothing on the whole and will end up as one more dud for Karthikeya.

He is ok with his comedy scenes and to some extent in romantic scenes. However, he should work on his expressions to make it to the next league. Tanikella Bharani did well and got good dialogues to make an impression. Harshavardhan did well while Sudhakar Komakula who got an important role is just ok. Sri Saripalli on debut tried to show Karthikeya in a romantic action entertainer.

Raja Vikramarka is seen following a secret mission because of which he had to introduce himself with a fake identity of being an agent from the insurance policy. The actor falls in love with the daughter of the Home Minister. The home minister in the film is Saikumar and his daughter is Kanthi, played by Tanya Ravichandran. Because of the romantic initiative and efforts of Raja, Kanthi started feeling for him.

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