reactjs How to get colspan=2 in grid css layout?

You may have noticed many web pages have a similar structure. There’a header at the top, footer at the bottom, and content area in between. Let’s say you were to look at the source code of these pages.

Sometimes we want our text to be narrowed and centered but an element like an image or a video extends to the edge of the viewport. It’s also possible to combine the span keyword with the name of a grid line to make the grid item expand until it reaches that specified grid line. Shorthand property for grid-column-start and grid-column-end. The grid-column-start longhand is set to the value before the slash, and the grid-column-end longhand is set to the value after the slash. The first column is 50px wide, and the next column is 1fr.

Note that you can replace the item with another element if you prefer. Float-based layouts and table-based layouts are two such examples. While they work, neither of these approaches are perfect since floats and tables were never equipped to be used as layout tools. Grid items can be layered/stacked by properly positioning them and assigning z-index when necessary. Sets of names should be surrounded in single or double quotes, and each name separated by a whitespace.

If you have grid items that you don’t explicitly place on the grid, theauto-placement algorithmkicks in to automatically place the items. This property controls how the auto-placement algorithm works. Aligns grid items along theblock axis (as opposed tojustify-itemswhich aligns along theinline axis). This value applies to all grid items inside the container. Aligns grid items along theinline axis (as opposed toalign-itemswhich aligns along theblock axis). It indicates the default span and auto-placement behavior, which means the grid item is automatically placed in the next available empty grid cell.

While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use,cookie and privacy policy. Because of that, you can have different vertical and horizontal gaps, which can take a single value or a pair of values . This can be applied with an inline style for gap, or with our –bs-gap CSS variable. Nesting works similarly, but may require you to reset your column counts on each instance of a nested .grid. With Bootstrap 5, we’ve added the option to enable a separate grid system that’s built on CSS Grid, but with a Bootstrap twist. You still get classes you can apply on a whim to build responsive layouts, but with a different approach under the hood.

The gutters are only createdbetweenthe columns/rows, not on the outer edges. This syntax allows a grid item to span across the grid tracks. There are two grid lines before and after each grid track with a numerical index assigned to them automatically, starting from number one. This property can take two values separated by a forward slash (/).

The FR value, otherwise known as the fractional unit, solves the problem of automatically distributing free space; it kind of replaces the need for percentages. // p is the targeted element, color the property and blue the value. To achieve this layout initially, developers had to rely on some CSS hacks for web apps, like tables, floats, positioning, and inline-blocks.

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