Reltio Raises $120M to Accelerate Data Value for Businesses

Financial Management – as measured going forward by a reduction in the cost per head of population for services provided and placing an emphasis upon whole population outcomes to improve wellbeing overall and reducing inequalities across the city. A key example of this workstream will be more joint commissioning and purchasing with the Brighton and Hove CCG of services that we both utilise. The Partners in Change Programme was a spend-to-save project initiated two years ago. This project has now become embedded within the service and savings can be achieved if it continues to deliver above the spend-to-save targets and support increase in social work practice. Relationship based social work practice and the specialist adolescence service is contributing to diverting children from the care system, and for those already in care, a stepping down to in house and/or less expensive placements.

Continued investment in the development of new Council housing through the New Homes for Neighbourhood Programme and new living wage rent housing through the Homes for Brighton & Hove Joint Venture. Move forward on potential new income streams to supplement and replace income from parking, building on the outcomes of the 2020 Climate Assembly and the opportunities linked to Liveable City initiatives and an expanded Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Delivering more than £6.2m of integrated and sustainable transport improvements to better connect and improve neighbourhoods and manage key transport routes, in addition to £2.9m of active travel schemes in response to Covid-19. gardner ma obit Support and supervision to young people at risk of exploitation, some of whom are at risk of becoming involved in the Criminal Justice System and preventative work for children and young people at risk of becoming involved in offending. Project to increase the number of in house foster placements and reduce reliance on more expensive independent provider provision is ongoing. The Paid Placement scheme – covers the salaries of placements for disabled adults, Looked after children, Not In Education, Employment or Training’ who have a disability, or have had an Educational Health Care Plan, or received SEN support at secondary or further education.

The role of this service is to drive continuous improvement and efficiency across the organisation to support strong corporate governance, minimise the adverse impact of financial challenges on customers, avoid costly mistakes and better protect council reputation. It also has statutory responsibility for ensuring objective resolution of customer dissatisfaction and taking the strategic lead in improving customer experience across the organisation through effective customer insight. The Life Events budget is largely funded through income from fees and charges. The service will continue to set fees and charges at a level that maximises income within the law.

42 SaaS companies got funded in April 2020, which shows that despite the COVID-19 pandemic investors are continuing to invest in great companies. This is especially notable after seeing that the funding activity was dropped the month prior. Prior to now, Reltio had raised around $117 million since its inception, amassing a customer base spanning industry heavyweights such as Pfizer, L’Oréal, Xerox, and AstraZeneca.

34 SaaS companies got funded in October 2022. Reltio has raised $120 million in a round led by Brighton Park Capital. The Bay Area-based company offers a data management platform for customers including Pfizer, Xerox and AstraZeneca.

This post is currently vacant as recruitment was delayed due to a service restructure and staff circumstances. The authority meets Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act duties and does not require the post to be compliant or lead improvements through the many services that work with disabled people, groups and communities, including through funding provided to Community & Voluntary Sector organisations. There is no precedent for this post and the saving will have no immediate material impact on the service or the community and voluntary sector. This team provides services including community engagement and collaboration, that strengthens communities, leads on the council’s equality duties and provides support to achieve a more sustainable, efficient and effective community and voluntary sector to deliver council priorities. Supporting the recovery of visitor numbers and spend through major events and attractions in the city.