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Derately remote. Hind wings delicate, pearly, semihyaUne. Uaglh of the hody 5—6 lines ; of the wings 14 lines. Nova Scotia.

The outer side. Hind wings cinereous ; ciliae with whitish tips. The UBual fonoy with a whitish border; orbicular spot obsolete. Spot; the former is mostly blackish, the latter has a whitish border. Cular »pot indistinct.

On iu outer side. Hind wings cinereous, with whitish cilis. Lonules along the exterior border, which is slightly denticulated. Moderately stout; hind tibis with four long spurs.

Streaks, of which the outer one is curved and dilated in the middle. The palpi cylindrical, about one-third of the length of plusone magnetic charger the second. Male, Pale fiswn-eoloor. Third joint of the palpi minate. Markings of the fore wings radiated longitudinally.

Brightly coloured, forming a very distioot bidentate mark. Length of the body 7 lines; of the wings 18 lines. Thorax and fore wiDgs sprinkled wilb black. Men with a slight dorsal crest, and slight lateral tafts of black hairs.

Slender; hind tibis with fonr long spurs. Wings rather broad. Legs slender ; hind tibis with four long spurs. Domen extending for one-third of its length beyond the hind wings. Length of the body 6 lines ; of the wings 13 lines.

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Fetnale, Olive-green. Thorax with incomplete whitish bands. Third joint conical, not one-fourth of the length of the second. And nardly oblique along the exterior border. Tending a little beyond the head ; third joint extremely minute. Abdomen of the male with fawn-coloured apical haiis.

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