Screenrant writer thinks Eddie Murphy could play Worf

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Pay is based on the size of the job, which you will see before beginning work for that customer. You will be able to invoice for a job only once the customer has purchased your content. You do need to submit an invoice in order to get paid. In the Batman & Robin pitch meeting, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy team up despite their goals- freezing the world and covering it with plants, respectively- being at odds with each other. The Screenwriter decides to include “fully exposed duck boobs” twice at the beginning of Howard the Duck. The Producer asks if this movie with a talking duck is for kids, and the Screenwriter says he can’t say; he’s going to be all over the place with it.

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Murphy has been successful with more serious roles like James “Thunder” Early in Dreamgirls, but he has spent most of his career in comedy. And if he were to be cast as Worf with the intention of injecting more humor into the role, that would essentially be changing the character, something which even the Kelvin timeline movies by J.J. One of my biggest laments in life is that I am forced to watch a Screen Rant video each week in order to watch the talented Ryan George do Pitch Meetings. If not for that, I would pay a small fortune to have this site wiped from existence, or at the very least from my browsing experience. This is complete garbage, fake news, clickbait, cow dung masquerading as journalism. has some good, but I find myself very frustrated with it overall.

Later, when the Screenwriter describes a romantic scene between Beverly and Howard in bed, the Producer, appalled, asks who this movie’s for. In the The Rise of Skywalker pitch meeting, Hux being The Mole for The Resistance intrigues the Producer, but the Screenwriter says that this was done due to Hux suffering Badass Decay in The Last Jedi and needing a more competent replacement. In the Hancock pitch meeting, the Producer has a hard time grasping Will Smith playing a man with a Hair-Trigger Temper who becomes violent when he gets angry.


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Well, it probably means that they are ripping off other people’s articles and are expecting or not caring if they’re getting away with it; I have seen this before . It probably also means that they are “hiring” other writers and using their material for their publishment on a third-party website. Sure, but to say that you have 2000 articles under your belt after only 2 years of writing is utterly ridiculous. I also find that doing this without giving credit to the person who actually wrote the crappy article is dishonest, as it would only be fair to them and everyone else. Why would you take credit for half of the garbage “article” blogs on this website? Anyway, I do not buy it, and this is coming from someone who writes a lot and still cannot churn out the monstrous load that these jerkoffs release.

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