‘Sent as SMS via server’ text receipt with RCS Advance Messaging .

Yes, if you are seeing the text receipt that states ‘sent as SMS via server,’ it means that your friend has blocked you. To confirm this, try calling your friend on phone, you will come to know whether you are blocked or not. Then, hold the power key for a few seconds until you feel that your device is vibrating.

Normally when you are blocked on an Android smartphone, the messages may still say ‘delivered,’ like normal, but the actual result may be the opposite. Of course, you won’t hear from them again, but there’s no clearer indication. We’re using Chrome as an example here, but the process is the same for any app, including the Messages app.

Once your phone has turned back on, you will have to unlock your phone and then you can once again try and get back to sending messages. Normally, iMessage appears on an iPhone user’s messaging app in blue bubbles, so they will know that you do not have an iPhone and that the message was not sent using iMessage. However, this message appearing by your text really does not alter jewelry box hooks anything as the message will still be sent through and delivered on both ends. Obviously, users weren’t very keen on losing their read receipts. Here are some user complaints spread across the internet ever since RCS took over. Although the specific reason for the message is unknown, many people are suggesting it is because of some problem or error on the receipt’s side.

Sending an SMS via a server is sending a text message to a mobile phone using a server. The process usually involves an application that runs on the server, which connects to the device network and sends the SMS message to the mobile phone. You can stop that annoying message by enabling the “show when delivered” notification on your android phone. RCS 2020 protocol is the new primary platform for sending a message on android devices. This platform offers exciting new facilities like sharing group chats or pictures.

That’s when Google updated its text protocols and started using RCS in place of SMS. RCS or Rich Communication Services became the primary texting protocol on Android devices. If you’ve ever seen a “sent as SMS via server notification,” you know it happens out of the blue.

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