Shitting Milks and Giving Pumpkins ㄧ Five Surprising and Humorous Spanish Expressions Thatll Make You Chuckle

Have one of those friends who’s nosy and needs to get in on everyone’s gossip? If you’re in Chile, you can tell them “salto lejos el mani.” This is a way of telling someone to mind their own business. A stranger might say “Sorry, love” to you just because it’s a friendly way of speaking to anyone in that region. It doesn’t mean he/she adores you or even knows you.

Once you get over the initial intra-linguistic barrier, expressions are a fun way to communicate with others and to immerse yourself in the subtleties of a culture. Spanish is an official language in 20 countries around the world, and the slang and expressions vary across these countries. In this blog, we’ll have a look at some popular expressions from these countries.

In Spanish, if you ask someone out and they say “no” it means that they gave you a pumpkin! Well, literally yes, but really it means that you got shot down. Literally this word means uncle/aunt, but when used colloquially can mean something along the lines of man/girl/dude/guy. It is simply a way to greet someone or refer to someone without using their name.

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The expression probably came from a time when bathrooms were not the cleanest. I imagine a lot of bugs buzzing around. Which would be a perfect place if you were a frog looking for a big meal to keep you full. This expression is only used in Spain and its origins are debatable. Apparently, it goes all the way back to ancient Greece.

And in the UK, Guy Fawkes Day is observed. There are a lot of endearment people use in my Country. Like People usually refer to other guy as a brother or girl as a sister. Moreover, People use the Buddy as close friend. If you like these 14 phrases we have good news for you.

For me, calabaza is the name of the orange pumpkin; auyama means squash or gourd. The 21 funniest Uruguayan expressions . Telling someone they’re throwing away fruit is the Uruguayans’ way of calling them a liar. In Uruguay, someone who talks a lot is said to talk with their elbows.

In Latin America, you might say “me echa los perros” to describe a guy who said every pickup line imaginable to provoke a girl he wants to take home. This first comes from the custom of covering your food when you left the table–just in case of flies. Without them, you’re free to be unfiltered, not caring how do you say rice in spanish how anyone feels. “It’s not my style to have a lot of flings like Angel.” In English we say, “What’s up man?” or “Hey dude!”, so what are the equivalents in Spanish? This is an easy place to start using a little slang because the majority of Spain uses at least one of the following words on a daily basis.

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