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Thorax aod fore wings with blackish speckles. BrowDish fiBtwQ-colour. Thorax with black bands. Tlw lund wings.

The outer side. Hind wings cinereous ; ciliae with whitish tips. The UBual fonoy with a whitish border; orbicular spot obsolete. Spot; the former is mostly blackish, the latter has a whitish border. Cular »pot indistinct.

Antenose slender, simple, more than half the length of the bodj. Almost contiguous at the base ; fourth moderately remote. Wings broad or rather broad, very rarely narrow and elongated. Gate-conical. AntennsB simple, about half the length of the body. Length of the body 7 lines ; of the wings 18 lines.

Streaks, of which the outer one is curved and dilated in the middle. The palpi cylindrical, about one-third of the length of plusone magnetic charger the second. Male, Pale fiswn-eoloor. Third joint of the palpi minate. Markings of the fore wings radiated longitudinally.

Hind wings slightly denticulated. Tips, denticulated and moderately oblique along the exterior border. Between the orbicular and teniforM spots which are indistinct. Slightly denticulated, with distinct lines and spots. Bordered with fawn-colour on the inner side. Hind wings whitiBh.

Hind wings white, iridescent, semihyaline. Speckled with black, with two slight fawn-coloured bands in front. Exterior border.

The Ambition Rollerball Pen in Lilac glides across paper or card stock. The slender barrel design is made of precious resin with polished chrome-plated ends. Also available in Mint or Pink. $75 at Pen Boutique. A wonderful way to help Mom to relax after a long day. Crafted with the highest quality fragrance and essential oils.

Fonn blackish, hardly excavated ; a row of blade marginal lonnles. Female, Ferruginous-brown. Thorax with a black stripe. WiDga white. Length of the body 7 lines ; of the wings 16 lines.

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