While we do often have “trendy/fast fashion” jewelry, there will never be a question of quality. I think a lot of fashion stores will carry jewelry, but there is hesitation as they how do you pronounce rhiannon aren’t educated in jewelry. Our brands that we bring in must be quality controlled. That said, we aren’t a stuffy old school jewelry store that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We can not worry what others in the industry are doing. We can admire, we can strive, but we cannot compare ourselves. My biggest lesson is that whatever intention you put into something will have a huge impact on the outcome. So my intentions must be pure and good and in that place- you can never not be successful. Soon after I opened my business, a competitor moved in next door.

You will receive a unique item code to use through my etsy shop. For more information please visit my etsy shop. I would just want the world to know that jewelry is a special special thing. Some people wear it for fashion only, but most people are marking a moment in time. I want everyone to know that whatever jewelry comes from our store only has the best energy in it, and that we hope to spread the positivity all over the world.

These arrived quickly, simply but beautifully packed and are gorgeous. These elegant Chocolate Energy Truffles are a no-bake healthy snack that doubles as an impressive dessert! Arrange them on a fancy plate to welcome incoming guests, or make a batch and munch on them during the week for an energy boost.

Shop your all deal with our exclusive Jaimie Geller Jewelry Coupon Code on best-selling full diamond baguette mini hoop. Don’t forget to apply our Jaimie Geller Jewelry Promo Code to save huge on your deal. Although I haven’t worn it, I am very excited to tell you about my new jewelry line, Jamie Geller Jewelry. The first piece I’m releasing is a necklace. It is made of sterling silver with a hand-made heart-shaped cut out of the base for your initials or message that will be engraved with your initials. The heart is made of sterling silver and comes with a custom pendant that has engraved with your initials on it.

Coupons come in a variety of denominations. Choose the most appropriate option from the list. When applying for a coupon, make sure it offers bigger savings than others. Sellers declare the item’s customs value and must comply with customs declaration laws. My husband and I have been going there since we started dating 16 years ago.

There were months when we thought it would no longer work, but we pushed through. We overcame each and every challenge by putting our heads down, staying positive, and working hard. The next DAY, a random man came in and spent over $20,000. It was a sign, and we have only grown from that day. And I do find that Instagram can take me down a negative hole of comparing myself to others , so I try to limit my use.

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