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° despacho de billetes ticket office, ticket windowTuvo que hacer cola en el despacho de billetes.He had to stand in line at the ticket office. ° despacho de mercancía shipment of goodsSe ha retrasado mucho el despacho de esa mercancía.That shipment’s been very much delayed. Centenar de personas artribion ingredients en el local.There were a hundred people in the hall. ° a centenares by hundredsMurieron las gentes a centenares.People died by the hundreds. Casar to marryEste es el cura que los casó.This is the priest who married them. ▲ to matchEstos colores no casan bien.These colors don’t match well.

° pompas de jabón soap bubblesEl niño hace pompas de jabón.The child’s blowing soap bubbles. Plata silverEn México y Perú hay muchas minas de plata.There are many silver mines in Mexico and Peru. ° quedarse sin plata to be brokeMe he quedado sin plata.I’m broke.

Comparecer [-zc-] to appear Los testigos comparecieron ante el juez.The witnesses appeared before the judge. Coger to catchCogieron al ladrón.They caught the thief. ▲ to pick, gatherVan a empezar a coger las naranjas.They’re going to start picking oranges. Cofre (see also baúl) trunk ; chest Cerró el cofre con llave.He locked the trunk with a key. Cochero coachmanDéle la dirección al cochero.Give the address to the coachman. Chueco crooked, bent Este zapato está chueco.This shoe is crooked.

Aquí sus ropas.Hang your clothes here. ▲ to hang Merecía que lo colgaran.He deserved to be hanged. Cocina kitchenLa cocina de esa casa es muy bonita.The kitchen in that house is very nice. ▲ cuisine, cookingMe gusta la cocina francesa.I like French cooking.

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Suceder to succeedSe cree que su hijo le sucederá.It’s thought that his son’ll succeed him. ▲ to happenSucedió algo que nadie se explica.Something happened that can’t be explained. ° suceda lo que suceda come what maySuceda lo que suceda, yo estaré aquí.Come what may, I’ll be here. Sorprender to surpriseLe soprendió aquella noticia.That news surprised him.

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° hacia allá that way¡Mire hacia allá, a la derecha! ° hacia atrás backwardRemaban hacia atrás.They rowed backwards. Gruñir to growlEl perro gruñó cuando nos acercamos.The dog growled when we approached.

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