Stag men love watching other guys have sex with their wives but its not cuckolding

These lifestyle marriages tend to focus on the wife and her extramarital relations, often meaning that the husband is faithful to his hotwife, not having any relations outside of the marriage. This is more common in a cuck/hotwife dynamic than in a stag/vixen relationship. I’m able to completely lose myself in the moment knowing full well I have my husband’s approval. I was shocked after my first encounter when I didn’t feel guilt but I had my husband’s full backing – this is not cheating as I share everything with my husband and he communicates with the bulls. He is the one who initially talks to the ‘potentials’ and he will pass them onto me if he feels we’d get along. He knows me better than I know myself and at this moment in time I’ve had only positive experiences.

A hot wife is a married woman who has sex outside the marriage with full consent of her husband—sometimes her husband is included in the action by watching or even taking part in a threesome. Other times, the husband is elsewhere—waiting to hear every juicy detail afterwards or to be sent texts and videos during the live-action. Either scenario is always played out with full knowledge and encouraged by all involved, forming an intrinsic part of the couple’s own sexual stag and vixen fantasy world. So just how do you introduce the hotwife dynamic into your relationship without making the other party feel diminished or ‘less than’ what you want? It can be a daunting prospect to voice your inner fantasies when you fear that it might ruin your relationship, which might be a perfectly happy one.

He encourages his wife to explore her sexual side. He derives his pleasure from his wife being his personal porn star and wild and dirty but all for her pleasure. For her to be the center of attention, carressed, kissed, rubbed, tasted and everything all focused on her and her hightened pleasure provided by and ONLY with the Stag’s permission and support. What you will find throughout this book is a series of otherwise unrelated short stories involving Stags and their Hotwife Vixens. There is no attempt at humiliating anyone, so if that’s your kink, then this may not be the book for you. And did you know there is a specific term for a woman who enjoys being cheated on and humiliated?

The number of people who have approached me through my website and blog, asking for advice as to how to embark on the lifestyle still astounds me. As I have previously said, it is very much a cultural taboo and is sadly unlikely to be ever truly accepted for a number of different reasons. Through reading the two voices of the Secret Stag and the Secret Vixen it is clear that the adventure began from a place of love and deep mutual respect. For example, the first entry in the Secret Stag blog is all about how much he adores his wife and wants her to see how beautiful and attractive she is. After years of trying to give her compliments and her not quite believing them, he wants her to see herself as he and so many other men do. Those amazing moments after everyone has cum are best spent luxuriating in afterglow.

Generally speaking that’s a female partner having sex with other men. I have and it’s not something I personally would find any enjoyment with. On occasions when we have been with a couple, I didn’t feel any sexual gratification when I observed my husband with another woman and it sounds crazy but neither really did he. For my husband, the pleasure comes from watching me with another man. He often refers to me as being his favourite porn star.

He also adds that as much as he loves watching, he can’t wait for the Bull to leave so that he can ravish his wife. In Stag and Vixen circles, this is known as “reclaiming” and the focus of the couple returning back to each. My Vixen Hot Wife’s First Share We’ve been married for a decade. For all intents and purposes, ten years is a fine number. Met in college, shared all of life’s basic experiences, had fun, got jobs, married, and had two children. If you are already familiar with the scene and looking to meet new like-minded people then welcome to VXN Lifestyle, your new place to connect, liberate and play.

My wife gets so turned on knowing that she will walk out of the hotel carrying all of the cum that we shot inside of her. Stags get a kick watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other men. Hotwife Teases A BBC I’m a really fortunate hotwife vixen stag man! I am married to a lovely young woman whom I adore. She’s a small 24-year-old beauty who attracts attention wherever she goes. She is only 5″ 2″ tall and weighs 105 pounds, but she has everything in the correct places…

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