Staples Magnetic Whiteboards Whiteboards

Contactless delivery is available with our “Leave at my door” option. You can track your order’s progress and communicate with your shopper every step of the way using the Instacart app or website. Align the carpeting and the plywood piece and place the carpeting on the adhesive-coated plywood. Stretch the carpet tightly and press it firmly down on the plywood. Roll down the carpet with the rolling pin to ensure solid adhesive contact. Carpet-covered plywood can be used to build many different items, such as a climbing tower for cats or benches, decks and game tables for indoor or outdoor use.

Hit down with a hammer any problem staples that stick up. Trim excess carpeting from the edges of each plywood piece with a utility knife. Assemble the carpet-covered plywood pieces to form the finished item.

The actual artwork by Dear Lillie is gorgeous. Just know for descent quality you are going to have it printed as a poster not an engineering print. Using the Instacart app or website, shop for products from your store of choice near you. Once you place your order, Instacart will connect you with a personal shopper in your area to shop and deliver your order.

I had the same issue at my Staples store. There are white lines across the entire bottom of the print as you would see in a bad xerox copy. My Staples also said they have been told my corporate not to print downloads like this as engineering prints because of the way it turns out.

I want this print for my grand daughters nursery but not sure if a print this large would work in such a small room. I was going to ask the same question as AntiqueChase… your color is the cricut at hobby lobby perfect combination of honey and antique that I have been looking for. I was going to ask the same questions as AntiqueChase… the color is a perfect combination of honey and antique.

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