The 5 Best Crochet Kits of 2022

The perfect crochet kit for anyone interested in taking up this classic yarn craft. Knowing how to make a granny square will open up a whole world of crochet possibilities, whether you want to turn one into a blanket or even piece together squares to make a garment. A video tutorial is included to show you how to get the hang of the hook. Besides blankets, there are many crochet kits available to make cute baby items which also make fantastic personalized gifts every parent-to-be will be thrilled to get. Make sure you are aware of the differences between US and UK crochet terminology as this varies. Most of the crochet kits below provide both references in their instructions or booklets, but I advise you to double-check to ensure you breeze through your projects — especially if you’re a beginner.

Unfortunately, we found the included plastic hook to be so flimsy that it was almost impossible to use. Also, the cacti patterns are not super easy for a beginner to take on. It’s also not particularly versatile, as you aren’t going to be able to do much beyond the three projects without getting more yarn and more tools since the included hook must be upgraded. It might be a nice option if you are an established crocheter with a limited selection of colors on hand, but we would suggest an alternative kit to just about everyone. However, this kit is primarily geared towards making smaller items, with 6mm being the largest hook included.

If you’ve never crocheted before, it can be overwhelming to choose the supplies and patterns you need. Do you still have questions about crochet sets for beginners in general? There’s something for every fibre crafter, from beginner to intermediate to expert. Delve into your next garment or try a new technique on a shawl, hat or scarf. Since this kit requires you to make a lot of squares to get a full blanket, you will get lots of practice making these sweet floral granny squares.

The fox crochet kit is part of the beginner+ line of crochet patterns. This pattern features the same materials and instructions as a beginner-level kit, but the little fox has a few more pieces and details than the dinosaur. Don’t forget to select whether you want a hook sent or not when ordering.

We made all of these and more to help you find the perfect crochet kit. The Knit Picks Beginner Dishcloth Kit is designed for making dishcloths, but there’s still enough extra yarn that you could make a few other items to match, like a placemat or coaster. This kit comes with a small amount of yarn, but we would imagine most people would quickly be in the market for not only more yarn but also better hooks. These were some of our favorite hooks to use on projects from hats to amigurumi.

These kits take much of the guesswork out of finding just the right yarn and hook size. Be aware that cushions are relatively small, ~40cm x ~40cm; this is not a pouf. Another aspect I really value is the variety of elegant, original colors you can choose from, allowing you to adapt your project to your décor.

This luxury bunny family kit is a great starting point if you fancy getting into amigurumi and soft toys. This easy crochet flower garland kit focuses on easy stitches medallion bank credit score requirements and small, accomplishable steps to get your child crocheting quickly. The kit includes eco-friendly wool yarn, a hook, and a pattern booklet with clear instructions.

Of course, with the age of the internet and social media, the virality of certain projects will change over time. But currently, children of all ages are OBSESSED with crochet bees! This kit provides everything your child needs to create their own little bee. The molded rubber grips made these hooks much more comfortable to crochet with.

However, once you get the hang of it, going round and round and focusing on your crochet can be quite a meditative process – why not try it out with this fan contemplative cushion kit from DMC. Of course you only need this if you’re making toys or amigurumi, but it’s a vital resource for any crocheter. Toy stuffing is normally pretty cheap, but if you just need a very small amount of stuffing you could try using left over yarn ends or cotton wool instead. While amigurumi can appear difficult to a beginner crocheter, it truly isn’t with this set. Sarah Stearns has helped thousands of makers find their next craft project with free patterns and step-by-step tutorials on her blog, This multi-colored crochet wrap is made from a surprisingly simple pattern.

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