The Alleged Maggots-Inside-Vagina Video That Went Viral And Shocked Netizens

This condition is mostly unfamiliar in USA and European countries. However, the rapidity of international air travel permits this exotic tropical infestation to present in any region. Myiasis is a condition resulting from the invasion of tissues or organs of man or animals by the larvae of several species of flies. Intestinal myiasis results from ingestion of food contaminated with eggs or larvae of flies and may produce cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Her routine hematological examinations reveal moderate anemia, high total leucocytes count, and neutrophilia. She is not diabetic and her renal function is normal according to age. The histopathological evaluation of the biopsy of the vaginal growth proves poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma along with acute inflammation. The entomological evaluation of larvae could not be done due to lack of facility. So the final diagnosis is made to be the irreducible procedentia with squamous cell carcinoma of vagina with myiasis. The external OS of cervix is lying 7 cm outside the intriotus.

The maggots are extracted from the crater with the help of instruments. Terpentine oil and ether is used over the lesion as these help to kill the larvae. The procedentia is dressed daily with a glycerin magnesium sulfate solution to reduce the tissue edema and to improve the vascularization. She reported foul-smelling vaginal discharge for the past six months but had not visited the clinic due to fear of social stigma. She reported no history of underlying diseases, trauma, or insect bite to the vaginal area. In the past six months, the patient did not have sexual intercourse and had regular menstruation.

In general, obligate myiasis of humans is tropical in origin, whereas facultative myiasis can occur anywhere in the world. These parasites can be identified by microscopic examination or developing these larvae to adult flies for entomological classification. A 49-year-old rural woman presented three days ago to our Charity Clinic, complaining of maggots in the urine and severe genital itching.

Good hygiene and proper sanitary conditions are very important for the prevention of myiasis. Vaginal hysterectomy is the definitive treatment option that can provide immediate relief to the patient. People who lack secure housing and adequate bathing facilities, or live in poor sanitary conditions, are also more likely to experience vaginal myiasis, says Kimberly Langdon, obstetrician and gynecologist at Medzino. Although yeast infections and bacterial vulvovaginitis are not considered STIs, emerging information suggests that bacterial vulvovaginitis may be sexually transmitted. The nature of the girl’s medical condition varies from various infestations (e.g., maggots, worms, body lice, unspecified bacteria) to rashes and lesions. Only a few individual case studies have reported on this condition in the human vagina, but experts do know it’s not sexually transmitted — despite a number of internet rumors suggesting otherwise.

The accompanying articles described a female patient with a sexually transmitted disease said to be called “sex superbug,” an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which caused maggots to grow in her vagina. Someone would have to track down the video’s source, however, to confirm that the subject actually suffered from gonorrhea in addition to the infestation of maggots. Management halloween costumes college guys of a patient with blowfly myiasis involves cleansing of the wounds and tetanus updates . Occasionally debridement is required if the maggots make there way into tissue (Burgess & Spraggs, 1992). Blood cultures are recommended to ensure that there is no secondary sepsis with antibiotics being prescribed if there is evidence of active bacterial infection .

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