The ex-Jerusalemite Behind New York’s ‘Haredi National Enquirer’ Jewish World

Thetragic collapse of Champlain Towers Southin Surfside this summer has put older buildings under the microscope. Many unit owners and associations, up against millions of dollars in needed repairs, now may be more amenable to a bulk buyout offer. And developers, with little to no inventory of available waterfront land, will pay above market value for these properties, experts say. The 103-unit Palms at Forest Hills consists of three three-story buildings constructed in 1975 across 4.5 acres, records show.

We also read in the parsha, that Yitzchak wanted to give his blessings to Esav. Of course he did, but he saw in Esav great potential, because the source of Esav was from a very high spiritual realm, and he felt that if only he got the blessings, perhaps they would bring out his great potential. Rashi tells us that Avraham was afraid to bless Yitzchak, because he saw that Esav was coming from him. So he said, “let the Master of blessings come and bless who is good in His eyes,” And Hashem came and blessed Yitzchak. From this story it is understood that had Avraham blessed Yitzchak, his blessing would automatically transfer to his children, including Esav.

The project adds to a growing list of new luxury condo developments launching sales in South Florida. Developers and brokers have been rushing to complete their marketing materials and hit the market to capture as many buyers as possible. In Miami’s Brickell, Mast Capital recently unveiled theCipriani-branded 80-story condo towerit has planned. In March of last year, Corinthian Capital Real Estate Partners, based in Miami and led by Matt Miller, paid$5.8 millionfor 39 condos at the 44-unit Eden House in Hollywood.

Yaakov, on the other hand, worked on transforming the bad around him into good, he didn’t make peace with it, he refined it until it was good on its own. That is why he couldn’t make peace with Avimelech, because that would ensure that he wouldn’t change. And that is why all of his children followed in his footsteps, because he would have that effect and influence on them, as his way was to transform everything to good. When you make a peace agreement with another, it doesn’t change who they are or what they stand for. All it does, is put temporarily halt to negative actions against each other.

In it he writes, “Yaakov felt very very small in his own eyes, because of the many kindnesses, ‘(ki b’makli) for with my Staff . . .'” He ends with “ki b’makli” and he doesn’t continue with the rest of the verse. In parshas Vayeitzei, Yaakov had a dream, in which Hashem told him that He would be with him and protect him. One might you re in trouble gif think, “I have reached such a high spiritual state, do I still need to follow the Tzadik?” The answer is that “The sun, the moon, and eleven stars were prostrating themselves before me,” before Yosef the Tzadik. Even the person who has attained the highest levels of spirituality, has to follow the direction of the Tzadik.

Rejecting this argument, the Court explained, “National objects that the documents sought are not relevant to the Plaintiffs’ action and Hanna has joined in that objection. National argues that the Plaintiffs are IT Support Technicians in Texas but that the subpoena seeks information about every National employee and that it seeks information beyond the classification of those employees under the FLSA. For all these reasons, the Court hold that the Hanna documents are not protected under the self-critical analysis privilege.

“Intermittent fasting lets you eat big, satisfying meals even while at a calorie deficit. If you’re only eating for 4-8 hours of the day, you get to eat your entire day’s allotment of calories in that window,” Shaulson said. “That means big meals, delicious foods, and keeping your favorites in the dietary lineup.” A 2011 study that compared the 5.2 program to a regular low-calorie diet found that those in the intermittent fasting group lost slightly more weight and belly fat, and retained more muscle. “The 4-5 days of fasting causes the body to switch to a mode that uses mostly visceral/abdominal fat for fuel. It also turns on cell’s repair systems and kills bad cells to replace them with new ones by activating stem cells.

We report news, gather data and deliver timely information that provides our readers with a competitive advantage. Shaulson also noted the company’s recent alliance with Honeywell International. So “Lech Lecha,” is a call to every Jewish person, to do all you can to complete the mission and make this world into a home for Hashem. It is through both of these approaches working simultaneously that we create an environment that the highest levels of G-dliness, even the levels that are beyond the world, to enter the world and become part of our lives. We see this on Simchas Torah, the end of the holidays, when we celebrate through dancing with the soles of our feet, and they make the body and head dance as well. This is the same message, and a preparation for the rest of the year, that if you can get the lowest part of you to serve Hashem, then all of yourself will serve Hashem.

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