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Instead, it is leeching the true value, skill and craft out of design and only helping to make it more acceptable to ask a designer for wold-class work while only paying pennies for it. The logo above is the result of a 99design crowdsourcing project from June 2017. I paid about 1000€ in total for 800 designs of which I picked the winning design from designerRockPort. Through the project, I learned a lot aboutoutsourcing,people management, marketing and communications. These insights are worth more than 10x the money I invested which a similar management course would have cost me. I got real life experience and a logo on top of it.

You are there to achieve your goal, not to provide hand outs. For that you can give money to your favorite charity . I would have fared better if I had reached out to 99designs customer service before I picked anything from their portfolio.

Make sure that you pick the right package for your needs as I made the mistake to book the Identity package rather than Logo and social media pack which would have better suited my needs. Do some research here before you go in like me. I am still happy and I think could have gotten the same or an even better result If I had made better use of the 99design services to guide me in the right direction. That is entirely my fault as I went full steam ahead.

Again, this strategy worked as lots of people entered my contest close to the various deadlines. I received five excellent designs that I was happy with. As I only speak English , we had trouble communicating. This caused at least one designer to question what I meant. I’d expect this to be less of an issue with the higher level tiers. However, I received over 80 initial submissions, and this made it difficult to give every designer fair feedback.

If this is worth being a cheapskate to you, then go ahead. I think it’s fair for a professional to say, “I don’t work on spec.” But I think it’s ridiculous for a professional to say, “And no else should, either.” I totally agree with Jay on this one. If you think people shouldn’t work for free, then I suggest you stop reading his articles and benefiting from his advice. The truth is that Random House would probably want to have a separate agreement with any designer whose design, if in full, ended up being used as the cover. That said, since I’m doing this independently, I don’t want to speak on their behalf. This ham-strung position — granted, self-inflicted — limits what I can promise in terms of outcomes.

At least the winner’s reward should be fair compared to the editor’s future revenues. Why not offer the winner a royalty per sold book? That 30 no career would show your generosity and sense of fair business. I have some ideas for the cover but unfortunately am not artistically inclined.

Once you incorporate it into your life, you complain less, appreciate more, react less, and fill your life with what’s most important to you. More than anything, you’ll learn how to be present and live in the moment. This is another special episode of The Tim Ferriss Show.Usually, when I talk about strategies for living a better life, I focus on strategies for effectiveness and efficiency. That is, finding ways for you to be better without wasting time.

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