These split-dye hair styles will have you hightailing it to the salon

It can be the effect achieved as your hair grows out or it can be done intentionally too. Are you torn between going for a funky, vibrant hair colour and keeping it natural? Maybe you are conflicted on going global or getting highlights. Whatever your dilemma is, it is no secret that everyone desires a new makeover that could help lighten the mood and make you look different and unique for a change. An often-unknown cause of split ends or damage to the hair is towel drying and harsh brushing.

It does not matter what color our hair is, there is a perfect shade of brown to go with any outfit. I’ve tried to go a different route by keeping my red hair a more manageable color. Since I’m not going to the barber, I’ve found that I’m still a bit self-conscious about my hair, and I don’t want the red highlights to catch on my fringe.

While the black and white combination will require you to bleach your hair only on one side, vibrant dual-toned hues require a global bleach session and it is totally worth it. You can then experiment with fun colours that may or may not belong to the same colour family. Split dyed hair is a great way to tap into your creativity and express yourself!

To find the best colors for you, consider what suits you and what doesn’t. Right now, ombre split colors are in and can be a great place to start. The great thing about split-colored hair is you get to be creative, but you also want to choose two colors that complement each other. This especially applies to a DIY look—in case the color bleeds, you want to make sure the colors don’t mix into something that you weren’t expecting.

The list includes pea protein to protect against heat damage, quinoa to enhance color, and baobab seed oil, which is a rich silky oil that heals dry or damaged hair. Everything get lint out of hairbrush you need to know about dyeing your hair two different colours to get the split hair dye effect. If you already have light hair you only need to choose the colors you want.

Strengthening Treatment Oil won a 2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award because it makes a noticeable difference on how frayed ends look and feel. Top 10 on-trend balayage hair ideas you’ll be obsessed with this year. Best shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair 2023.

Wear your mane loose in soft waves for the best effect of these colors. It’s a must-have for stopping split ends before they start. A beautiful example of balancing light and dark on a hairstyle. Dedicate a chestnut brown to one half of your hair and platinum blonde to the other. These colors will look beautiful against pretty much any skin tone. Another hot edgy two-toned hairstyle with a dash of goth is this dark red and black coloring on long straight hair.

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