Thirunavukkarasar, Thambidurai, Paarivendhar file nominations Trichy News

In Mayiladuthurai constituency, Ramalingam filed his nomination to the Nagapattinam district collector and returning officer S Sureshkumar at the collectorate on Monday. The AIADMK nominee S Aasaimani submitted his papers to the divisional revenue officer of Mayiladuthurai and deputy returning officer Kanmani. He was accompanied by agriculture minister R Doraikannu and food minister R Kamaraj. In this segment a total of 11 candidates have filed their nominations till Monday. DMK candidate S S Palanimanickam and TMC candidate R R Natarajan have filed their nominations for Thanjavur constituency to the district collector and returning officer A Annathurai at the collectorate.

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Sivapathi, 55, the candidate from the rival camp also filed his nomination to the district election office. He was a former MLA from Musiri assembly constituency and minister with highest number of portfolios in J Jayalalithaa cabinet from 2011 to 2016. The reliability of solder joints and the cost reduction are by definition a warrant of attention. Use of plastic core balls provides more SMT process margin which allows finner ball pitches. Sources said that the belief on numerology could have led to the change of official name. The businessman had his BSc degree completed in Jamal Mohammed College in Trichy in 1962 and his MIE in Indian Institute of Engineering and Technology in Chennai in 1967.

Large WLP with plastic core ball at selected locations is developed to achieve solder joint reliability improvement with low cost. An 8×8 mm 16×16 array 0.4 mm pitch daisy chain WLP is used as the test vehicle. A manufacturing process to incorporate mixed solder ball types is developed. It is found that that use of plastic core balls improves the solder joint reliability by 20% which allows a larger WLP size. Plastic core balls also improve assembly yield which enable finer ball pitch WLP. Reliability improvement at low cost is achieved using plastic core balls at selected ball locations.

In recent years these concepts are not being followed much by the architects/construction engineers and in addition the buildings are constructed with low thermal mass to reduce the cost of construction. Hence modern buildings consume lots of energy to meet the requirements of human comfort. Mechanical type air conditioners/electric heaters are being used for space cooling/heating applications which are not only energy intensive but also responsible for indirect damage to the environment. The increasing demand for energy along with worldwide environmental threat has drawn the attention of researchers to devise the necessary steps for energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

Globally, the energy demand of the building sector has increased intensely. The use of air conditioning in buildings for thermal comfort consumes a large percentage of this energy. The significant worldwide energy demand stresses the importance of net-zero or green buildings for a sustainable future.

Wafer level packages are widely accepted in portable electronics and wearable electronics due to their small form factor and low cost. As the trend of high integration continues, increases in both die size and WLP pin counts are required to meet demand. Improvement in solder joint reliability is the key to enable larger, higher pin count WLP. In this work reliability improvement at low cost is achieved by using plastic self harm synonym core balls at selected ball locations. PCM based free cooling concept is most suitable for telecommunicating base station , data centers and particularly for the buildings located in regions where the temperature variations between the day and night is very high. In this section, the technical feasibility along with the energy saving potential achieved through free cooling technology are discussed and reviewed.

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