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You can see options that say “Undo” and “Restore”. The undo option will restore the shortcut you just deleted. But the restore option will restore all the shortcuts you painstakingly deleted one by one. Google Chrome will automatically add thumbnails to the new tab page for websites you frequently visit.

If you don’t want to disable shortcuts, you can simply delete the thumbnails one by one from the new tab page. When you visit some websites frequently, Google Chrome makes a note of them and adds them as shortcuts to your new tab. When you open a new tab, you see them arranged as thumbnails so it’s easier for you to open them. There are a few ways to go about adding a new thumbnail. If that doesn’t work, then you should go into your history, find it there and drag it onto your homepage.

But you need to install an extension from Chrome Web Store for that. Go to the store and search for “empty page”. Use filter as “Extensions” to restrict the results to only extension. It will show a blank page as a startup page. But clicking on a new tab will again show the page with Google search and site’s thumbnails from history or add shortcut button.

As you can see, there are no more elements on the page and all the thumbnails are gone. However, if your computer is used by someone else, make sure that how to exclude words from google search he never disable the extension when using the browser. Or simply, verify the blank page function without thumbnails when you connect your computer.

Removing shortcuts from Chrome isn’t rocket science. It would hardly take 5-10 minutes if you remove each of them individually. But the thing is – they shouldn’t be there in the first place. Your browser isn’t just storing history, it’s actually going through it, indexing it, finding the most viewed websites from your daily activity, and arranging it in form of thumbnails. But indexing it and updating the results with every website you open is downright creepy.

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