Tip #3: Include or Exclude Words in Your Search Ten Tips for Smarter Google Searches

This helps ensure that we’ll find the most current and up-to-date information when we’re doing research. When you enter a search term with a minus sign (-) in front of it, Google will omit any web pages containing vitalsleep review reddit that term from your results. To help you get started, we’ve created this list of 8 high-precision search techniques that you can use to discover more relevant results in your next Google Search.

The actual search traffic is usually 3-5 times bigger. There are multiple reasons why you might want to search for images using images. You might want to see if other sites are using your original images without crediting you. You might need to find the original source of an image so you can reach out and ask if it’s okay to use it on your site. Or you might have just taken a picture of something weird and you want to know what it is. You can then search through your Evernote clips later right from Google’s search results.

Let’s look at the basics of using a search engine, as well as some techniques you can use to get better search results. In this example, we’re looking for some data on digital ad spending. Placing the search query in quotations guarantees that we’ll only see results that explicitly discuss digital ad spending in the year 2020.

Get the time the sun will rise or set in your area by entering sunrise or sunset. You can also add a city name to your search to get the sunrise and sunset times for a different city. The next step is to click on the three dots next to a keyword you want to exclude from your search history and choose “Remove from History”.

Start improving the accuracy of your searches by using the three primary search operators that exclude words from the search. Next time you are Googling something, think about how you can exclude irrelevant words, phrases and websites to refine your search. Group multiple terms or search operators to control how the search is executed.

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