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In a public notice released at 0700 on the morning of 31 December, TGS noted that ash had been detected during the prior evening, with the plume drifting N to the W of Ha’apai and Vava’u Islands at altitudes of 4-18 km. Ash was last detected in satellite images 30 km S of Niuafo’ou at 0150 on 31 December. They detected only steam and gas at 0430 later that morning drifting NNE at about 12 km altitude. The following day, 1 January 2022, intermittent gas and steam eruptions continued, but no ash was reported after 1200. Plumes drifted E across the ‘Otu Mu’omu’a Islands of the Ha’apai Group at an estimated altitude of 12 km.

The pressure wave was also recorded by infrasound and weather instruments worldwide as it circled the Earth, with instruments picking up the wave a second time as it arrived from the opposite direction. Very small perturbances in the ocean waves recorded in the Caribbean, which some referred to as meteotsunamis, were likely generated by atmospheric disturbances from the pressure waves after they passed over South America. Ashfall eventually measuring several centimeters thick started around 1800 on 15 January and lasted about 10 hours , which also affected water tanks and some residents reported having difficulty from breathing the ash in the air. The eruption caused a communications black out across the country, which included damaging the underwater fiber-optic cable providing access to the internet and damage to satellite terminals due to being covered in ash.

Ash from the eruption covered extensive areas of the vegetation on both islands. This and other Images were featured in the article Airbus Defense and Space . Aerial photo showing the island of Hunga Ha’apai with a steam plume rising from the vent in the newly created portion motorcycle rental in puerto rico of the island. Emissions can also be seen in the vicinity of the small lake marking the location of another vent active during this eruption. Discolored water surrounds the island, but a denser plume of material is originating from the shoreline near the small lake.

We are a Tongan/ British free spirited and fun loving family and looking for different people or possibly a couple to help us get sorted as we are just starting a new tourism related business. A Vanuatu vacation follows in the wake of Captain Cook en-route to the Banks Islands and the volcanic wonders of Gaua, Vanua Lava and Mt Séré’ama. Discover how to make the most of your time all the way from the beaches of Bora Bora to the volcanic monoliths of Ua Pou. Scattered across the world’s biggest ocean, the South Pacific Islands have acquired near mythical status for their natural beauty – especially their beaches. Tongan culture is typically Polynesian and Tongans are welcoming, relaxed and known for their hospitality. As with most countries in the region, family is the central unit of Tongan life, with elders commanding the most respect.

😉 Thank you so much Becky and Mahe for the hospitality. As it is a remote island and there are is a variety of help we need help with we feel that this position may be suited to a couple. It is a fantastic opportunity for the right person/ people. Discover the uninhabited atolls and reef islands that make Kiribati vacations such a tempting prospect. While you might not want to live your whole life in island time, enjoy it while it lasts. You never know, you might even find yourself missing Tonga Time when you’re back at home.

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