Top 10 Electric Fly Swatter Targets of 2022 Best Reviews Guide

The elongate handle portion 15 is envisioned to be fabricated of plastic in an injection molding process or made of metallic wire in a bending and forming process. The swatter head 20 of the system 10 is envisioned to be fabricated of plastic in an injection molding process. 1 and 2, views of the system 10 and an elongate handle portion 15 of the present invention is disclosed according to the preferred embodiment of the invention. The elongate handle portion 15 comprises a lightweight, solid, and sturdy ergonomic design formed in a long, narrow, and thin shape with a rounded bottom end and an opposite flared neck end 12. The rounded end has mounting means 11 formed therethrough, illustrated as such in FIGS. 1 and 2 as a hole for receiving a nail, hook, or other such device to hang and store the system 10.

Another gun-like design consists of a pair of mesh sheets spring loaded to “clap” together when a trigger is pulled, squashing the fly between them. In contrast to the traditional flyswatter, such a air hockey tables at walmart design can only be used on an insect in mid-air. When you’re on the water, you can use a small, powerful rocket to attack a target, but you can also use an electric fly swatter to do the same thing.

The attractiveness of flypaper to other insects is sometimes enhanced by shining a small portable electric light on the sticky surface. Disposable fly traps are small “use and throw away” fly traps. The traps are disposable plastic bags containing some attractant, generally made of flavoring agents that are non-toxic. Water and direct sunlight are used to activate the attractant, which emits a smell to lure the flies. Insects enter the trap and drown in the water inside. On each product page there is a Request a Free Sample button.

The electric fly swatter is a tool that allows people to quickly and effectively remove insects from their homes and environments. It is especially helpful when the insect are insects that are hard to reach. The electric fly swatter is not only a useful tool, but it is also an extremely effective tool.

Your request will be received by a representative shortly. Please call, email, or use the Request a Quote button on the items that you need for your purchase req. We’ll email you a quote with all of the info you need to submit your purchase req the easy way. After completing your order, our artists will bring your product to life and send you a proof for your final approval. The preferred embodiment of the present invention can be utilized by the common user in a simple and effortless manner with little or no training. After initial purchase or acquisition of the system 10, it would be configured as indicated in FIGS.

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