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This time the shoes were out of stock. Ordered, came pretty fast, no issues. Wore them the next day to daughters softball game and noticed a cut on the tongue. Looks like maybe from a box cutter or some kind of really sharp knife. But because I had been wearing them for a few hours outside I figured I couldn’t send them back.

I’m not a runner, but I wanted a shoe that I could run for brief sprints or jogs in or walk in for an entire day. It was risky to buy shoes just what goes with red shoes for guys before a long, international trip and take only that pair of shoes on the trip. But, I’m pleased to report that it was a great success.

I find this website on my Facebook advertising. After purchasing the product, website disappear from my Facebook .100% scam sites. I ordered shoes from Occob and had no problems.

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These were my 3rd pair of ON Cloud shoes. My first two pair were the original Cloud and the 3rd pair are the Cloud 2.0. While the fit and the feel are almost exactly the same as the original, the inner liner of the 2.0 version is not as durable.

So, not ideal for off-pavement use, but so far cleaning the tread hasn’t been too much trouble. I haven’t gotten the fabric dirty yet. The shoe breathes well and would keep feet cool in hot weather… But perhaps too cool in cold weather. I’ll probably wear less in the middle of a Georgia winter.

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