Trainual Uses AI and Machine Learning to Give Small Business Owners a Faster Way to Onboard and Train

Our company was incorporated on 11th August, 2012, as Tracxn Technologies Private Limited. For more on what it means to have a playbook in your business, join us at Playbook 2021. Don’t get me wrong – we recognize that the playbook for your business won’t write itself. But the entrepreneur on the other line started listing off venture-backed companies that had burned their way to bankruptcy. It was a cautionary tale, one that left a lasting impression. Join over 135K readers getting the The Manual in their inbox every Wednesday.

We see some success when significantly upgrading your contract upon renewal. Accounting Firms Explore product experiences and partner programs purpose-built for accountants. Save Software designed to save you time and money at every step. This SaaS has a Local HQ located in Scottsdale, and the company employs employees who are led by Chris Ronzio. Valuations are submitted by companies, mined from state filings or news, provided by VentureSource, or based on a comparables valuation model. PitchBook’s non-financial metrics help you gauge a company’s traction and growth using web presence and social reach.

Trainual is a leading online training platform that helps growing businesses organize the chaos of onboarding and training. To learn more, visit or download the app directly from the Apple or Android App Stores. Trainual is a training and knowledge management platform designed to help business teams get people up to speed faster, keep them aligned from anywhere, streamline their systems and processes, and increase productivity. Built with small business budgets and ease of use in mind, Trainual makes online training manuals easy to build and simple to scale. More than 7,500 companies in over 180 countries are building their business playbooks, training their teams, and improving their operations with Trainual.

However we get your attention, we have our sights set on being your #1 small business resource (one that’s helpful, interesting, and actually entertaining). A team of five in a room that could hardly fit us all at once. And two dozen customers who validated my belief that small businesses need a way to capture and centralize who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Our office in Scottsdale has a private gym, and 2 of our health plans come with a wellness credit to use on whatever makes the most sense for your health (e.g. gym membership, mental health visits, meditation app, etc).

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Each squad operates on two-week cycles, which we call sprints. Before we start a sprint, we will run a grooming session which involves everyone from the squad, and additionally we have a grooming intake session afterwards which includes only engineers. We use Jira to create and track tickets through-out the development lifecycle and use Pull Requests on Github to conduct code reviews.

So, we make sure you don’t ever have to go about it alone. Uptale offers a software-as-a-service platform that enables creators to imagine, create, publish, and monitor immersive learning experiences using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. Uptale allows anyone – without any technical background or prior training – to create gamified interactive VR and AR learning content and publish it using the Uptale platform. I see announcements like this pop up from the companies I buy from and support all the time. But from the outside, you can only imagine how surreal this experience is.

Trainual transforms the way small businesses onboard, train and scale teams. With its affordable and easy-to-use platform, organizations can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get employees up to speed while making every need-to-know instantly accessible, from anywhere in the world. Thousands of small businesses in over 177 countries build their business playbooks and grow their teams with Trainual. A Glassdoor study found that organizations with strong onboarding processes improved new hire retention by 82% and boosted productivity by more than 70%. Trainual is dedicated to reshaping the onboarding and training experience for today’s hybrid workforce. The platform makes it easy to design and implement interactive, self-led training content, as well as organize company knowledge in one, easy-to-access interface.

And since Series A, we more than tripled our revenues and our team size, expanded our Arizona headquarters, and added teammates worldwide. We were incredibly fortunate to find 4490 Ventures, MATH Venture Partners, and PHX Ventures. They’re a team of experienced operators and advisors that weren’t there to modify my vision but to magnify it. I bootstrapped my first and second businesses for 18 years. Then, I started Trainual with the service revenues that I had tucked away from years of consulting entrepreneurs. During COVID, this was virtual but when travel is an option again we try to choose a new and exciting location to bring the team together.

But to keep teams accountable, the application needed to be fast and flexible. When a company goes to add a new role, they’ll automatically see a list of roles that similar businesses have added anush beeram to their companies. After accepting a suggested role in the Trainual app, they’ll see a list of suggested responsibilities, curated utilizing AI and Trainual’s own machine learning engine.

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