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Unlike other sites where it could be on any vehicle, which does not show me what it will look like with my particular vehicle’s contours, etc. Good products and reputations are what this country needs more of.

The bew bumper was exactly like the old, in every way. (pre-drilled openings etc.) The chrome corners of bumper had dark speckles on it that shouldn’t have passed inspection. Guessing from the spraying of inside, or a poor chrome finish effort. Not dissatisfied but a pre-inspection before shipping would have rooted this bumper out. A better packing of product for shipping is a must. Website is easy to navigate and real people will answer all your questions if you call for more information.

Euro Truck Simulatorhas quietly worked its way into the lives of many gamers over the years, myself included. I’m not sure why or when I thought I’d enjoy it, but I’m certainly glad the decision was made. I’ve order more things than I can count from this website and I will forever love americantrucks.com and will always but from here. Orders have always come in time or early and the few times I needed to return an item it was the easiest return I’ve ever done.

Long-time support of the game, including new features. Experience legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes across sunny California, sandy Nevada, and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. To help pass time, a good amount of radio stations are available to listen to while on the road, and it is also possible to input a personal music rights organization crossword library by relocating some files on your computer. There are a few different control methods, ranging from very simple to complex. Steering can be done with the keyboard or mouse, and of course the game supports both console and steering wheel controllers. I found myself most comfortable with the Steam Controller and gyro controls.

Idiotic game design – you can’t even fit in lots of gas stations and cargo points. If you pass the stop bar by accident, you get fined. In the long run a promising game like ETS 2 was. But i wish we could open the doors and get out of the truck,, walk in the streets, etc. Either way, if you like ETS 2, you won’t regret buying ATS. ATS will surely appeal to trucking veterans who are desperate to explore a fresh location, but for newcomers to the franchise, I implore you, go back and experience Euro Truck Simulator 2 first.

Competitive pricing and so much to pick and choose from. Thank you guys for creating a badass truck accessory website. The player may use company funds to hire NPC drivers , who are placed in additional driver slots in the garage. Once the player has earned sufficient money, the player may also purchase garages in other cities and hire NPC drivers to drive from those garages, as well. The longer an NPC driver is employed by the company, the more experience points they will earn, thus increasing the amount of money that driver earns from each delivery. The money earned by the player’s company will automatically be used to pay back any company loans the player obtains for the company or to pay any fines incurred in the course of the player’s gameplay.

On 18 December 2015, SCS Software announced the official release date for American Truck Simulator, 3 February 2016, on their blog. The game was released one day earlier instead. American Truck Simulator, like the rest of the Truck Simulator series, is polished and entertaining. It’s smaller than Euro Truck Simulator 2; it feels more like a foundation than a full game.

No matter, the low price tag and addictive simulator gameplay make it a joy to go trucking through famous American cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. American Truck Simulator is easy to recommend to series fans and newcomers alike, especially knowing that more content is on the way. Try Luke at Truck Alterations, several people have purchased from him on the 5th Gen Ram Forum. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about covers when I was shopping but I ended up purchasing a DiamondBack cover so I have no personal buying experience. SCS Software confirmed in a blog post on 15 February 2016 that the Kenworth W900 has been launched and added to the game. Later, the company confirmed in a blog post that the Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth T680 will ship with the sim on release day.

I think this really puts them apart from most Auto parts online stores. Don’t let all the whiners with bad reviews scare you from ordering from them. American Trucks has a consumer rating of 4.8 stars from 11,773 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Based on your preferences, the reviews within these periods have been excluded from this product’s Review Score. Drivers will also gain experience and level up as deliveries are completed. Upon leveling, stat points can be distributed to categories like fuel economy, long-distance deliveries, and unlocking new types of cargo. As if making an expensive delivery wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, think about delivering explosive or chemical cargo! Increasing these statistics will net the player higher rewards for completing assignments under those categories.

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