Twin Peaks Founder Randy Dewitt Talks Cold Beer, Hot Food, Biker Brawls And How He’s Beating Hooters

Pours a hazy yellow color with a small white head. Has a fruity wheat malty grainy aroma. hannah palmer feet Fruity wheat malty grainy flavor. Has a fruity wheat malty grainy spicy finish.

Get started now, and experience what reaching the peaks feels like for yourself. Draft @ Radisson ELP. Not a bad beer. I usually think nut browns are too sweet, but this one was more nutty. Tap at Twin Peaks in Frisco, TX. Just a run of the mill amber / brown. Not offensive, not particularly good either. Golden color, hard to place aroma.

Proceeds from each sale of a large 805 draft beer to the American Cancer Society in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. In addition to the new beer release, all participating locations will be featuring Brew Days every Wednesday during the month of August to celebrate Twin Peaks Brewing Co. drafts at a special price. Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex locations will offer Twin Peaks Light tastings in congruence with Brew Day, and Brew Master Coty Bell and his team will be onsite hosting each event. I don’t know all the ones on tap, but I know these are for sure. Twin Peaks now has 91 locations in 26 states in the US and Mexico and our brand is going global. Light body and taste for a dark beer.

This focus on quality and fun attracts the most talented and best-looking wait staff in casual dining. The Twin Peaks Girls are yet another unique quality that sets us apart from every other dining experience in the industry. Pours a dark brown color with thin tan head.

There currently are not any events planned for this month. Check back soon to see what we have in store for you. Our signature IPA is a medium-bodied brew packed with a variety of American hops such as Bravo and El Dorado. The floral, fruity, and citrusy aromas stand out from the first sip. Light and fresh, clean and crisp American lager perfectly made for the light beer drinker. Cathy is one of founders.

Even at -5 degrees or whatever temp they serve it at, it still wasn’t cold enough to cover up the explosive butter aroma. Of course I’m a glutton for punishment so I had to taste it… More butter and the slick mouthfeel to go along with it. I don’t know if all their batches come out this way, but they rushed the fermentation and this beer should not be consumed by the public. Massive bourbon aroma, florals and nuts. A bit of caramel in the base beer, and a touch sticky.

This lodge atmosphere serves as both an escape from the mundane saturation of typical sports bars, while also providing a friendly, familiar and neighborly environment for locals and out of town visitors alike. Each restaurant employs the most advanced, category-leading A/V system, the biggest TVs, and the most premium viewing angles. Potentially the most unique and marketable asset for Twin Peaks is the brand’s universal promise of 29° degree draft beer, a claim no other category competitor can attest to. Ice cold beer in frozen mugs and a compelling cocktail program drives additional dining occasions and balances overall cost of sales. To accommodate the brand’s legions of sports fans, each restaurant employs the most advanced, category-leading A/V system with the biggest screens and the most premium viewing angles. Twin Peaks boasts high average unit volumes and leads the category in unit-level economics, driven by events, a profitable daypart and menu mix, and high profit margin alcohol sales.

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